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ZodiacEach sign of the Zodiac contains three separate attributes:  an element, a quality and a polarity.   Understanding each of these primary building blocks gives a head start toward understanding the signs themselves.

Polarity refers to the energy of a sign.  “Masculine” indicates that an energy is assertive, aggressive and linear while “Feminine” denotes an energy that is receptive, magnetic and circular.  The masculine signs are Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius.  Feminine signs include Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces.  Although the words “masculine” and “feminine” are used, these terms should not be confused with male and female.

The Elements —fire, earth, air and water – describe the psychological characteristics of the twelve zodiac signs –personality, intellect and innate sensibility.

Each of the Fire signs –Aries, Leo and Sagittarius –represents aspects of the self or ego in relation to self-expression and creativity that are intuitive in nature and based on internal impulses, the drive to define and manifest the individual self.  When negative, fire signs can be egotistical, stubborn, aggressive and prone to fits of temper.

* Aries seeks to impress others and to be admired for its willful tenacity and resolve.
* Leo seeks and needs an audience for its dramatic self-expression, one in which the various qualities of its character will find an effective response.
* Sagittarius is driven to expand its horizons, to seek self-realization through active participation with others.

The Earth signs – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn – are the most practical of the four types and are associated with the sense and the empirical gathering of data.  Their view of the world tends to be pragmatic, with a concern for what is tangible and concrete.  Defining, placing and working within practical limits is one of their primary tasks and as a result, they are devoted to their work and imbued with a strong sense of duty and responsibility.  When negative, they can show a tendency to be overly materialistic, neurotic about trivial details and order, and unable to comprehend and embrace new ideas.

* Taurus works for itself and personal gain, relying on its own resources and talents.
* Virgo works for others, utilizing their skills to augment its own.
* Capricorn works for society or mankind as a whole.

The Air signs –Gemini, Libra and Aquarius – represent various phases and forms of personal and social interrelationships.  They are associated with communication, intellectual activity and social agreements, customs and manners.  The air signs are primarily concerned with mental abilities and intellectual attributes in one form or another.  When negative, air signs can be mercurial, indecisive and mentally fragmented.

* In Gemini, this intellectualism shows itself as an ability to obtain, utilize and communicate factual information.
* In Libra, these qualities are used to weigh, balance and make comparison.
* In Aquarius, there is an intuitive grasp of principles and ideas and how they apply to the general welfare of humanity.

The Water signs are associated with the subconscious, with feelings and psychic forces.  They are receptive and able to penetrate the hidden meanings of life’s mysteries.  Protective by nature, they are able to shelter others, relieve suffering and provide the necessities of life.  When negative, the water signs can be excessively emotional, insular, secretive, possessive and capable of using their considerable powers of empathy and psychic receptivity to beguile and manipulate others.

* Cancer is the mother and the home.
* Scorpio is the mutual exchange and support that occurs in close relationships, with strong  feelings about joint resources, death and the occult mysteries of life.
* Pisces represents the altruistic care of others, nourishment on the broadest possible scale, strong mystical feelings about the Infinite and the unconscious ability to communicate telepathically with others.

Fire and air signs are said to be masculine.  Water and earth signs are feminine.

The Qualities –describe how each sign’s energy flows.

Cardinal signs –Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn –are energies that initiate change. These people are active, impatient, restless.  They’re great at starting things, but unless a project or a relationship holds their attention, they lose interest and may not finish what they start.

*Aries is selfhood and the desire for its immediate expression and expansion.
* Cancer is security, foundation and depth.
* Libra is concerned with relationships and breadth.
* Capricorn is the attainment of goals and height.

Fixed signs –Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius –are deliberate, controlled and unstoppable.  They’re the energies that endure.  They take projects to completion, tend to block change at all costs, and will keep at something regardless of whether or not it should be terminated.

* Taurus acquires and utilizes the energies and materials at its disposal.
* Leo expresses itself intuitively and dramatically in the name of some cause or enterprise.
* Scorpio is adept at using the resources of others, particularly those of a mate or partner for their mutual benefit.
* Aquarius provides the form and currency of communication and ideas that benefit friends and associations bound by common interests.

Mutable signs –Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces –are adaptable.  These people are flexible, changeable, and versatile, capable of molding and modifying circumstances and conditions in life.  They don’t get locked into rigid patterns or belief systems but may be scattered, fickle and inconstant.  The mutable signs take the inspiration of the cardinal signs and the concrete boundaries of the fixed signs and refine and expand them with a view to the future.  Their role is to serve, aid, heal and support and to give rather than take.

* Gemini acquires information.
* Sagittarius takes information and expands upon it, infusing it with new ideas and insights gleaned along the way.
* Virgo is the traveling merchant, filled with practical and commercial goals.
* Pisces is the pilgrim on the solitary, holy journey.

The first and immediate purpose of astrology is not to predict events in terms of statistical probability; rather, to bring a message of order regarding the meaning of individual life and struggles.  Astrology is a signpost leading to a set of truths uniquely experienced by each of us.  It is a tool for the pure of heart.  With this seminal presentation, we hope you will appreciate it in this context as well.

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