How can the different levels of consciousness get along?

Anita DaltonSo we all know that we are somewhere on the path to enlightenment. We really all are on the path. Some of us have had to return to the circle of life for hundreds and thousands of lifetimes. I know I’m an old soul. I know I have chosen the specific lessons of this lifetime to get me where I am today. So as I look back, I see why all those trials had to happen. Because without those lessons, I would not have the knowledge I possess today.

But when they were happening, I didn’t know that. I wasn’t aware that I was trying to get awake, because I forgot my divine self. So why didn’t I chose to do it easily and effortlessly. Because If I didn’t experience my own hell, how could I have compassion for another’s hell.

I once said to my brother, who had the same parents as me, ” My experience was different than you remember it.” So how can people have the same experience, but remember it differently. Because we all didn’t come here to do the same Movie. We chose the actors in that movie that we needed to have our special experience.

Yesterday I took some friends to the Unity church. The message was perfect for what Robert and I were going through this week. He wasn’t with me but I brought him back the CD of the sermon. Oh my God I said, “This is exactly what we need to hear” So we listened to it together. After we discussed it, I realized we both heard it differently. We weren’t even close.

Why is that? Because we are different. God didn’t make us all the same.

I was raised during the Archie Bunker Period. I couldn’t understand why my parents were so upset when I brought Black friends home. My mother’s argument was, If God wanted us to all be the same, he wouldn’t have made us different colors. Was she kidding me. We are different because we need to learn different lessons.

Why can’t we just agree to be different. Unless you have walked in that persons moccasins, you have no right to judge them. You have no idea what makes them think the way they do. But instead of thinking, “Isn’t that interesting that he thinks that way”, we judge him for not thinking our way. No two people have the same fingerprints. We are all unique.

When we get that and love them anyway, then we can call ourselves enlightened. We have twenty readers here at the Center and they are all at different levels of consciousness. Why? So they can relate to the level of consciousness their clients are at.

When we are truly AWAKE, we get it. We no longer take those differences personally and we no longer try to change the others thinking to ours. We work on us. We are the only change we can see in our lives. Some of us have less fears, because we lived through the fear and know it wasn’t that bad after all. And living through it , is what made us strong. God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle, even if it looks like a monster at the time. After you slay that dragon, you feel so good. That’s where self confidence and self esteem live. May you all become fearless.

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