How can I trust others when I don't trust myself.

Anita DaltonIn case you haven’t noticed, being on the spiritual path doesn’t promise immunity  from human issues such as fear and doubt. Doubt comes from the ego, not from God. Ever notice when we get to experience something new and great in our lives, we start to doubt we deserve it. Then we worry about loosing it. Pretty soon we block the very energy that brought it to us in the first place.

Then we blame others for not being trustworthy. We have all had traumas and dramas in this lifetime that have made us scared to trust. But we’re still here and we’ve made it through them. Those were the very experiences and people that got us where we are today. They pushed us in the direction of the Divine experienced, fearless self.
So how do we get past those old memories of doubt that it will be different this time.
We have to be different this time. We have to become trustworthy ourselves. We attract who we are whether we believe that or not. Ironically to heal our own issues with trust, we have to believe that the Universe has our back. We have to know in our hearts that everything happens for our own good.
By making a commitment to yourself to be the best person you can be, by learning to trust you, you will be able to trust others. Ask yourself this question. Is God in charge of this situation or is it coming from ego. Is it kind and loving. Am I being tactful to avoid hurting others. We have to confront our issues. We all have stuff.
If someone has hurt us, we need to look at why.  What was our part in it? Could we have done something different to avoid being hurt? What were we trying to learn about us? Is there a part of us that’s broken that we refuse to look at? Why are we blocking love and trust.
You can’t create miracles in your life, without trusting that you deserve love and miracles. “The God in me loves and trusts the God in you,” as an old friend of mine use to say. Do your best to know that within all people there is a Divine spark, which is deserving of our love and trust. Also know that in all people who have not attained Christ Consciousness, is a huge human ego ,which is sometimes flawed and unworthy of our trust.  But if we practice trusting them anyway, it will be easier for them one day to trust their Divine selves.
Since we live in an imperfect would, we need to accept that not everyone is living from their Divine selves. When we recognize that their ego is in charge, we may have to give them a vacation from our lives until they can heal. Without judgement , we can look back at our own lives  and see when our ego was in charge. Human’s make mistakes .  We all came here to learn something.
So use inspiration  and visualization to see only good. I always ask. “Holy Spirit how can I look at this differently?”  It’s amazing how I always can see another perspective, when my ego doesn’t have to be right. It’s a jungle out there, be kind and trust the miracles happen when you trust that you deserve happiness.

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