Polarity Therapy

Polarity massagePolarity therapy is an alternative therapy that involves balancing the flow of energy in the body to improve or maintain health. The theory behind this approach is that there are three types of energy fields in the body: long-line currents that run north to south in the body; transverse currents that run east-west in the body; and spiral currents that start at the navel and expand outward. When energy is unbalanced, blocked or fixed due to stress or other factors, pain and disease may follow.

Polarity addresses physical, mental, emotional and spiritual patterns of being. Distorted beliefs, troublesome feelings, thoughts, and behaviors create energy blocks. In the polarity process, energy penetrates blockages; awareness increases to expose hidden realities, unconscious attitudes and dysfunctional defense mechanisms that cause destructive body conditions. Released energy nurtures new perspectives and inspirations leading to more balanced, harmonious, creative existence and raised consciousness of one’s spiritual core. Fixations are transformed into more moderate behaviors and contentment. This vitalizes the system to heal ailments resulting from repressed life forces.

To find the sources of energy blockages, the body is examined for symptoms like pain, discomfort, muscle spasms and muscle tension. It is basic knowledge that the head is involved with every emotion. In addition, specific energy sites are affected by particular emotions:

Grief affects the neck and shoulders
Desire affects the chest area including the heart and the diaphragm
Anger affects the solar plexus including the umbilicus
Attachment affects the pelvis and the genitals
Fear affects the colon and rectum

Once blockages are identified in the various areas, polarity therapy involves the skillful application of techniques to clear the paths of energy fields to promote harmonious life functions.

There are five significant aspects or tools of polarity therapy:

Body work: Gentle, yet penetrating, hands-on contacts to the body nurture deep relaxation by systematic connections of positive, neutral and negative charges to stimulate free-flowing balanced energy.

Diet: Healthy eating habits to build and balance energy are encouraged along with periodic cleansing routines to eliminate toxins that cause blocked or unbalanced energy.

Exercise: Deep breathing, gentle stretching, balancing postures and utilizing sound vibrations help to release daily tensions or blocked emotions and prolong the effects of polarity sessions.

Visualization: Through exploration of mental images or memory pictures that sometimes surface during sessions, energy is freed for re-creation of a new view to foster more fully-satisfying and healthier life functioning.

Facilitation: Thoughts and feeling help or hinder a balanced, harmonious state of being. The facilitation process promotes insight and strengthens will power to make desired changes. It encourages constructive life attitudes and enhances body awareness and self-esteem. Lifestyle changes are supported and encouraged.

Polarity Therapy was developed by Dr. Randolph Stone in the late 1940’s as a philosophy for living. In his words, “Each one of us is seeking the inner happiness that comes not from outward accomplishments, but from the harmony of our inner being.” Polarity therapy attests to this, releasing energy that vitalizes the system to heal ailments resulting from repressed life forces. The result of this is that fixations are transformed into more moderate behavior and contentment, in other words, “harmony of our inner being.”

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