The VINE Moon

Vine MoonThe month of the Vine Moon marks the turning point in the year when the days begin to shorten. From September 2 thru September 30,the Vine offers the opportunity to bring your plans to fruition before winter begins.

The Autumn Equinox, when the night and day are of equal length, occurs during the Vine Moon month. It helps you to align your energy to prepare for the dark half of the year.

The month of the Vine Moon is a time to value input from others and any networks that are made may prove useful in the future.

Focus on the magic that resolves: cast a peace spell to end an argument or use prosperity magic to help you settle bills or pay off debts. Magic must be balanced with action now, so use nature’s last burst of energy, visible in the vibrant fall colors, to inspire you to complete projects that you started earlier in the year.

Invest in your health during this month by eating foods packed with vitamin C to stave off colds as the weather declines.

In ancient Rome the vine was seen as a sign of fertility. The name vine comes from the word “viere” meaning to twist. This refers to the Druid concept of spiritual development. Grapes and blackberries are used both in wine , in money spells and are linked to fairies. Eating grapes and blackberries is a magical remedy that aids memory and concentration.

Catch a falling leaf during the Vine Moon and wish for riches and prosperity in the future.

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