The Secret to getting rich

Make Time for What Matters Words on ClockThe average person half-heartedly wants a lot of things. The great ones wholeheartedly focus on one major goal at a time. Do you know that of thousands of people surveyed only 3% of them are specific enough to focus their mental energy long enough to create success.

Its not enough to just desire success. It’s important to set goals and a deadline for achieving them. While the masses scatter their mental energy on hobbies, TV and partying, self-created millionaires focus on making money. Once they have made the money, they then have to time to focus on other things.

This is not magic. You simply must believe it’s possible, or you’ll never bet on yourself long enough to succeed. You’ve heard the saying,”Don’t stop just before the miracle.” Beliefs have the power to make you rich, as long as action follows your beliefs. Other people’s belief in you helps, but it’s no good if you don’t believe in yourself.

The most popular get rich strategy among the masses is the lottery. Even though the odds are totally against you, millions flock to buy tickets everyday. People travel to Las Vegas for the same reason, to strike it rich with very little effort. The people really getting rich are the casino owners.

The middle class goes to work every day, turns in minimum effort, complains about their greedy boss and then wonder why they can’t get ahead. They blame it on their competition, the economy, they government.

Gaining wealth starts when a person begins thinking at their creative level. The facts don’t matter. When thoughts of fear and scarcity are replaced with thoughts of love , abundance and gratitude, then the universal consciousness takes over. The facts are then reversed and success just happens.

On a scale of one to ten. How committed are you to getting rich? How much money would you be confident betting on yourself becoming a millionaire? Since you are the secret to getting rich, invest in yourself today. Buy a book, register for a seminar or listen to a self-help CD. Take action, it’s fun.

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