What does "When your ship comes in" mean

ShipComesInThe expression “When my ship comes in” has been used for centuries by people looking forward to a time when an investment or gamble they have made pays off.

The term originated from hundreds of years ago when many people invested their money in merchant shipping. You could buy a share in a ship or its cargo. When the ship returned from it’s voyage around the world, you got your money back with a significant profit. This all took place when there was no communication between the ship and the shore. Ships could be lost to pirates or storms. So there was a big risk involved. Only when the ship completed the journey did the investor make a profit.

These days there have been many songs written about “When My Ship Comes In” and many jokes about ” When My ship comes in, I’ll be at the Airport. So we are not talking about just a windfall. We are talking about making some type of investment. That investment might be money or it could be time.

Most people who fear taking a chance, decide to be comfortable with very little. That’s ok, but that’s not waiting for your ship to come in. It more like waiting to die.

We came to this planet to play a big game. You get to choose the one you want to play. The bigger the risk the bigger the stakes.

Now when your connected to source, or in the Vortex as stated by Abraham,It’s almost like a sure thing. Twenty years ago I took a big risk building the Center For The New Age. Twenty years later , I can look back and know that I was in the Vortex. I was directly connected to source. We have had our ups and downs, like when ADOT decided to build a road through our property. Many businesses lost everything. I always knew spirit would guide our ship in.

I am very grateful for all that I have learned, for the people who have jobs because of this Center and for the seekers and visitors we have helped find their way through the storm. May we continue to shine our light in 2015. And may all of you be at the dock when your ship comes in.

About the Center for the New Age

Spirit guided us to this special place which centuries earlier was used by ancient people as a ceremonial site. We were guided by Spirit to open the Center at this place which is now the heart of spirituality in Sedona.


We’ve searched the globe and pulled the most accurate Psychics and Healers and amazing Massage-Therapists from all over the world who have come here to be part of this special community, whose energy makes them even more psychic. Their services are offered at the Center daily and by phone at (928) 282-2085.

Center for the New Age
341 State Route 179
across from Tlaquepaque
Sedona, AZ 86336-6111

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