You can't be old without it

project“You can be young without money, but you can’t be old without it”
Tennessee Williams

Have you ever heard a rich person complain about the quality of their healthcare?

Rich people rarely talk about money. The favorite topic at a rich neighborhood cocktail party is health. And they are well aware of the health money connection.

While the masses have to be satisfied with the health care their employer, insurance or government provides, the rich have access to their own private physicians and a host of other health care providers who don’t take insurance.

One of our readers applied for Obamacare. She was assigned an insurance company. Later she became pregnant and had a baby. She was stunned when she got the hospital bills.” But I thought I had Insurance.” They later explained that they had given her the wrong policy and it did not cover her pregnancy. She has to pay it herself.

In a perfect world, all of us would have the same opportunity, regardless of our financial status. But we don’t live in a perfect world yet. When it comes to healthcare, money can save your life. In recent years in our country, the moderately rich have banded together to build boutique medical care access. They pay an substantial annual membership fee that guarantees them twenty four hour access to a private group of top physicians making sure their family gets world-class healthcare.

Organic food and vitamin supplements can keep us healthier. Health food stores are more expensive than your average grocer. If you don’t have money , you have to settle for less quality food and just forget about the vitamins. And when you are always sick or depressed, your not able to work to make the money you need.

Instead of wasting energy complaining about it, convert your anger into passion. The next time you’re feeling down or discouraged on your journey to becoming rich, think of how important it is for your health and security.Get rich and be financially prepared when you or a loved one get sick. Better yet, afford to be healthy.

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