Broke or in Debt? Blast from Zero to Hero

One American dollar on a white backgroundI recently read an article about a man who was facing some real financial difficulties. It seemed like money just kept slipping through Bob’s fingers fingers. Security was always out of reach. Is this ever going to end he thought. I can’t do this anymore. Have you ever felt like that? I have. Many years ago ,I was a single mom with two kids to support. Like Bob, I became obsessed with making enough to support my family.

One day Bob was so desperate, he finally turned to God. He asked why is this happening. Why was he not successful.?” God tell me what I’m doing wrong”, he demanded. Then he heard the words: “Give away money”. Are you kidding me, I don’t have enough now, he said. If you’ve ever been there, you know just how he felt.

The words echoed again, “Start small” Remembering that prosperity consciousness was all about the flow of energy, he began to see how he had stopped the flow by constantly obsessing over it. That’s when he got it. He ran to the bank and took out 30 one dollar bills. He was committed to doing this without any expectation of what it would bring him.

He wanted his small gift to be anonymous He was leaving it to God, to tell him where to drop each dollar bill. It wasn’t up to his judgment to decide who needed it. Sometimes he would hide and enjoy the look on someone’s face when they found his dollar. He became so focused on the fun he was having giving away money, he started feeling abundant. A major shift had occurred in his consciousness. Money started flowing to him easily. He got more opportunities than he ever had.

If you would like to try this yourself there are four guidelines to follow:

  1. Give the money unconditionally, which means to never expect to get it back.
  2. When delivering the dollar, let the universe decide who receives it.
  3. Make a commitment to do this for an extended amount of time, so you get in the habit of doing it.
  4. If you not having fun, your not doing it correctly.

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