Happy Valentine's Day from Anita D.

ValentineExpressions of love like flowers, candy hearts’ cards and lavish gifts are what most people think is Valentine’s Day. But is it really just a day for Hallmark and florists to make a killing. Why is this the only day we should show our love of another or others.

The tradition started with the feast of Saint Valentine. It is observed February 14 in many countries around the world. Once a religious holiday honoring a Christian Martyr who was imprisoned for helping Roman Soldiers and Christians marry, all Christian martyrs were then named Valentine. They wore purple amethyst rings as a symbol of love associated with legal love in the Roman Empire.

Amethyst is still a symbol of love till this day, although there are many other stones that help open the heart chakra. Rose Quartz and Blue Topaz to name a few.

The Heart Chakra is the center of love, compassion and joy. It is the Center of deep bonds with others and invokes a sense of caring, compassion and more important self-love. Until you can truly love yourself you can’t possibly love another.

The energy of Anahata as it is known in India, helps us recognize that we are part of something larger. We recognize that we are interconnected with intricate web of relationships extending beyond this life and into the Universe..

The way of the heart means living your life with kindness and compassion towards others. Your kindness inspires others and they feel your warmth and love. They know there is no judgment. When the heart chakra is open, energy is flowing freely. Your not only loving others , you are loving yourself. You know when to say “No” and when you need self nurturing to open and reach your soul.

Take a few minutes. Put your hand over your heart. Now breath in a long breath to the count of 6. and gradually let it out. Do this as many times as you need to until you feel yourself smile. You have just opened your heart chakra. Now have the best Valentine’s day ever.

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