What is My True Spiritual Path In This Lifetime?

Anita DaltonThis is a question we get asked a lot here at the Center for the New Age. We also get other questions like , when am I going to meet my Soul Mate, when am I going to hit the lottery? Not everyone that comes here is interested in enlightenment, wholeness, oneness, connection to Source, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, peace, harmony, contentment, love, happiness, inner bliss, joy. Why are these things so important if all you really want is to get rich?

You see most people think that if they attain the material things they want and need, They will be happy because they won’t have to worry. Everything will be fine. they can relax and finally be happy. Actually you can have all those material things and all the money you will ever need without seeking the path to enlightenment. And money is a real part of the game we came here to play. If you only seek the material things, then none of the awareness concepts are necessary.

You can amass wealth, financial prosperity, and all the things money can buy without anything close to enlightenment. I have done it. However, is that all we came here to learn? Those who seek only riches will never be satisfied with riches, and will never get any of the attributes and sensations listed above. But if you seek all those other spiritual principles first, then those things you seek will be added to you. That means, for all those who seek only riches, even when they get all the “stuff”,they desire, they usually have inner misery, pain and suffering. Many have poor health, broken relationships.

Just look at all the rich and famous people who are addicted to drugs, in constant therapy, on non stop anti-depressants, commit suicide, have horrible relationships with their spouses , children and family.They are never really happy or fulfilled or have inner joy and peace. They virtually hate their lives. It simply does not work.

We talk a lot here about manifesting abundance and the Law of Attraction. Even though attaining things does not give you joy or peace, poverty also does not give you happiness and peace. Seek first inner peace, and all the material things you seek in your life will be added. You must first be happy, healthy and then wealthy. Not the other way around. Put your priorities in that order and you’ll get all of them. You can have it all if you seek what you want in that order.

Be happy now and the Universe will present you with your life’s purpose. That purpose is being the best human you can be. Love you.

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