Anger Is Never Justified

Anita DaltonAccording to the Course in Miracles anger is never justified. Attack has no foundation. It is here escape from fear begins. You can’t dispel guilt by making it real and then atoning for it. You see the ego believes in the insane notion that attack is salvation.

Let’s say you’re at a gas station and a guy blocks you just as your about to leave. You ask him politely if he would let you out because you’re in a hurry. He says “Tough!” You get angry and want to grab him. But your real strength would be in walking away and not be affected by this poor man who thinks he has to be tough because he is really afraid. Forgiveness would be a lot better than hitting him, because he just might kill you.

Violence is a highly overrated problem solving technique. If retaliation worked, then countries that engaged in it would be very secure, but they are not. It just creates a vicious cycle. We all do good and bad. Our country does good and bad. Why is it we all focus on the bad that others do, instead of noticing the good things about them? It’s the same reason we only see the bad things about ourselves.

Focus on the good and the vibration of good will happen. Give the other person a break, walk a mile in their shoes. Human beings tend to blame each other for the frustration they feel in their own lives. It’s never the other persons fault. You are vibrating that emotion in yourself and the Universe is merely mirroring it to you. What part did you play? Since there are no victims, what are you getting out of the drama caused by the ego? We all blame each other for our seeming separation from God. This results in the loss of peace in our own lives.

Whether in a close personal relationship or a distant one, someone or something else can always be found to be the source of the problem. Whenever you condemn another, you enlightenment is off to a flying stop. The only person you can work on is you. Why waste time trying to change another, when it’s you that needs to do the work. When you realize that your relationship with another depends on you being the best human you can be. That’s when you will find peace amidst the storm.

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