The Devil Made Me Do It

Quasimodoby Anita D.

You have heard of that old saying, The Devil made me do it. Actually the “devil” is referring to the human ego. Remember the cartoon with the Devil on one shoulder and the Angel on the other. I had a spiritual teacher once who named her ego Quasimodo. She’d say when tempted,” I hear you Quasi, but I’m not listening.” So how do you know when it’s the ego? If what you’re about to say or feel is not kind and loving, you can bet it’s your ego talking.

Now, we all have egos. It’s our humanness. Becoming spiritually mature or enlightened as some people call it, is just remembering that we are all one without judgement, less we judge ourselves. The ego finds that all one stuff offensive. What do you mean; I can’t possibly be one with that so and so. One day you realize that what you see in that other person is the very same thing you don’t like about you. Really.

The Course in Miracles says that Anger is never justified. Twenty years ago when I first started my Center, I got angry. I would tell the readers off in reams of memos pointing out all their character defects according to me. I would pray every week in Master Mind for unconditional love. Just when I thought I was getting it, something would happen to let me know I wasn’t quite there yet. It’s been a long twenty years on my path. I still find myself occasionally getting angry, only now I know it’s Quasi and not me and I catch myself.

David Hawkins says in his book “Transcending The Levels Of Consciousness”, to the normal person, anger is seen as a detriment. It is a transitory annoyance and viewed as disruptive. The obvious antidotes are those of compassion, acceptance, love, and the willingness to forgive. Realize that anger and resentment is not about what others “are”, but about what they are not (i.e. not generous, rather than stingy, not unselfish rather than selfish). Accepting human fallibility and limitation that, in a portion of the population, is due to an inborn incapacity to be self-honest.

The processing out of anger requires inner honesty and the willingness to surrender what is not integrase and replace it with self-confidence and knowingness that it’s all perfect in the end. It’s just not the end yet. Another process is to surrender it to God. Holy Spirit please take care of this situation for me. It is also helpful to see that the inner ego has become addicted to the artificial “high” of anger and it’s puffed up animal characteristics. Realize that if you are not able to control the ego, it is helpful to find a mentor to help you get your thinking straight. The road to enlightenment is long, but the bliss is so worth it.

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