Relationships Heaven or Hell

Two gates to heaven and hell.The Course in Miracles defines relationship as an assignment. It is the maximum opportunity for the souls growth. Most of us separate romantic relationship from spiritual relationship. Knowing only the physical side of Romantic Love is a substitute for the communion we really want.

When I was younger, I learned about romantic love from Cinderella. I would someday meet prince charming and live happily ever after. In my silly innocence, it never dawned on me that the Prince might have alcohol or drug problems. Certainly not anger issues or rage. And my Catholic religion told me that I had to stay with this monster until death do us part. Well there went my faith.

When I first read the Course’s description as relationship being a laboratory of the Holy Spirit. and the difference between Special Relationship and Holy Relationship, I said this book is crazy and threw it in the garbage. And so my ego continued to look for the real Prince. My soul mate had to be out there somewhere. My ego just couldn’t surrender. And so, I kept attracting the same Prince over and over until I finally got the lesson.

Relationship shows you just how much you value yourself. The ego is trying to keep us from real love because when you find true spiritual love the ego dies. Ego love is a delusion. We audition someone to find out how long they can endure our neediness, control or anger until the relationship is destroyed. Then we vow to never do it again. Until we forget and think, “this time it will be different”

It will only be different when your ready to be different. When we finally see the oneness in all of us. When we really know that we are more than we appear to be. When I see the God in me, then I can see the God in you. Humans make mistakes, God does not. The greater glory of God works through people. Don’t lean on people, lean on God. That’s when you will make that other person realize how incredible they really are . That’s when you will realize how incredible you really are.
Namaste Anita D.


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