Why Are Men So Darn Messy ?

Messy roomThere is a well known cliché that men are messier than woman. Let’s explore the real reason for this. I had to find out. It’s totally true, dishes in the sink, clothes on the floor, do they not notice this gross stuff. The truth is they don’t. But before you blame him for being dysfunctional, we are here to tell you, it is a guy thing. Science has proven it.

In her book, “Why Men Like Straight Lines And Women Like Polka Dots”, Psychology Major Gloria Moss explains why he really isn’t just lazy or unwilling to help. Apparently men and women have different field dependence. In English that means that if a set of cushions are not arranged in a eye pleasing way, women notice it and find it jarring. Meanwhile men see objects out of context from their environment. They see the cushions individually and don’t notice if they don’t look right.

Men’s visual landscape is not the same as a woman. As unbelievable as it may seem, he does not notice the socks. He ‘s not pretending and not expecting you to pick up after him. Isn’t that so interesting. Men are more able to disassociate objects from their surroundings. They prefer straight lines. Women have better peripheral vision and prefer round objects. No wonder home decorating can be a nightmare.

Ever argued with a man over décor. You won’t be the first or the last. Men define what it will do. Women define how it looks. These differences evolved in 99% of human history. Men as the hunters need greater field independence and 3D vision to help them bring home the bacon. Women as the gatherers have more color pigment that gives them more color to their vision. They needed close up and color vision to be able to tell ripe berries, mood changes in infants and have an incredible response to round objects. This helps them to also design their home and everything in it.

So when you criticize him for not picking up his clothes, you might want to think about some of his better qualities instead. They say Einstein and Mark Twain had incredible messy homes. Oh and Steve Jobs had the most messy office ever. So I guess I’ll keep my computer genius. It seems a small price to pay.

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