Looking for UFO’s in Sedona

Wayne & Christine Crumpley along with Bill & Connie Fogle while on their tour as taken through Military Night Vision Goggles.

By Wayne Crumpley

My wife Christine and I have been going to Sedona, Arizona for the past 10 years. It is easily one of the most beautiful places on earth. One of Arizona’s major East-West freeways is Interstate 40, in the northern part of the state. Flagstaff is roughly in the middle. South from Flagstaff, off of Highway 17, is a winding road, Highway 89A, making its way down Oak Creek Canyon, about 30 miles to Sedona. The famous red rocks of Sedona are a thick layer of red to orange-colored sandstone rock found in the Sedona vicinity.

In April, 2014 Christine and I spent several weeks in Sedona. We had an inspiring seminar with one of our spiritual teachers, Drunvalo Melchizedek. In Sedona, we have seen UFO tours advertised, but have never followed up because we thought after the tour, the guide would say, “Sorry, we almost always see something . . . just not tonight!” We were at The Center for the New Age, a shop across the street from the Tlaquepaque plaza. The receptionist was making appointments for various tours in the area, and “readings” with resident psychics. We asked about the UFO tours. We learned the lady conducting the UFO tours was Melinda Leslie, and she was due any minute for a “spoon bending” class. So, of course, we signed up for the “spoon bending” class. That class had Melinda, me, Christine, and two young men on vacation from the east coast. We discovered the three of them had been out the night before looking for UFO’s. We got the detailed story of the past evenings events. They said they had, in fact, seen several UFO’s. We were hooked! (We also bent some spoons, but that’s another story!). Before we left The Center for the New Age, we made an appointment with Melinda to go on a UFO tour the next Tuesday evening. When Tuesday arrived, there were clouds and we asked Melinda if she would like to have dinner since we could not go UFO hunting. We met at Picazzo’s Pizza in West Sedona. The next several hours, over great Italian food and wine, we heard about Melinda’s experiences in UFO research and investigations, and as an abductee. I later googled Melinda and discovered she has been very active in the UFO and paranormal fields as an UFO Investigator and Researcher for over 25 years. Her experiences have been chronicled in 17 books, and she has credits in radio, television, and many UFO and paranormal conferences. We agreed to meet Thursday evening, weather permitting.

We met Melinda at The Center for the New Age at 6:30 p.m. Melinda takes her UFO tours out within the first two hours after sunset because the sun is at the right angle to illuminate objects at high altitude. We were joined by Bill and Connie Fogle, vacationers from Texas. Bill is a retired stock broker, and Connie a retired real estate broker. They were really enjoyable companions for the evening. We were all anxious to see “little green men” and/or a “flying saucer.” Melinda provided two pairs of Generation III Military Night Vision Goggles. The goggles allow the user to see roughly 50,000 times more light than is possible with the naked eye. As soon as I saw the Night Vision Goggles, I decided I would buy my own. That is, until I discovered they cost $5,000 used on eBay. Sedona has a federal designation as a “dark sky city,” and with the approximate 4,700 foot altitude, clear sky, the conditions were great to see a UFO. We drove to a remote location that is southeast of the Sedona airport. From our position, we could see the halo of lights of Flagstaff, approximately 35 miles to the north, and the lights of Phoenix, approximately 140 miles to the south.

Melinda explained the definition of an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO). More to the point, what UFO’s are not. The opposite of the term “unidentified” would be “identified.” The “knowns” are weather balloons, helicopters, airplanes (private, commercial, and military), shooting stars, and satellites. Each of these have distinctive attributes. Weather balloons have no lights and would operate at low altitudes. Anything with blinking lights is generally some form of manmade flying vehicle. While stars can twinkle due to various atmospheric conditions, all airplanes and helicopters have a mechanical, consistent blinking pattern. Helicopters operate at altitudes less than 10,000 feet, and all other aircraft, including military, operate at less than 40,000 feet. A single evenly spaced blink is a commercial or private aircraft and a fast double or triple blinking pattern is a military aircraft. Shooting stars are meteorites entering our atmosphere and burning up quickly. Satellites are slow moving objects that move across the sky from horizon to horizon and move in fixed trajectories locked in with the movement of the earth. Satellites have no way to change direction, and they have no lighting system. One can only see a satellite because the sun is reflecting off its metallic surface.

LookingforUFOsinSedona-02While everyone thinks of a UFO being a “structured craft” made of some type of metal, and maybe in a disc shape, Melinda said that in over 400 tours, only eight times have her clients seen clear distinct shapes that appear to be metallic, and spherical or round objects. On our tour, everyone saw about five, or so different events they would describe as a UFO. Christine saw several UFO’s, the most notable one was a light going across the sky, then it stopped; it then went straight down, changed course and went back in the direction from where it came. For myself, I saw approximately five to seven different UFO’s that were each flying fast in one direction, appeared to stop and/or slow down, and then abruptly turn and go in a different direction. Bill and Connie had similar experiences. None of us really know what we saw, but they weren’t weather balloons. They were “Unidentified”!

Added comment written by Melinda Leslie, Director of UFO Sighting Tours:

What?!  Only 5 to 7 UFOs?  Must have been a slow night, we usually see much more!  But seriously folks, I wish to thank Mr. Wayne Crumpley for such a wonderful article and his near perfect description of what it is like to go on a UFO Sighting Tour.   “Near perfect” because I have a few minor corrections.  Truth is on some tours we’ve seen only about 5 sightings, but on many we have seen upwards of 30 or more.
I have conducted over 435 tours and only once did my clients feel they didn’t have a sighting.  All the other times my clients felt they had sightings and while those usually consist of oddly moving lights as described above, we have seen “structured craft” or distinct shapes on 9 tours now.  Those shapes have included 3 large spherical or ball like objects, 1 diamond shape, 1 large teardrop shape, 1 large black triangle, 2 very close, lit-up, classic disc shapes, and our latest one from just 2 weeks ago was a distinct triangle shaped object with 3 amber or orange colored lights on the bottom of it.  I usually tell my clients not to expect to see such “structured craft” because that is a rare event.  What my clients can expect to see are lights making odd maneuvers such as those described by Mr. Crumpley and the truth is I never know what we’re gonna get!  We always see “unknowns,” or as Mr. Crumpley accurately stated “Unidentified” sightings.  Again, thanks Wayne!

Wayne Crumpley holds a BA in Economics from Fresno State University and an MBA in business from Pepperdine University. He has been licensed in real estate and construction in California. He began his career while attending college by founding a bookkeeping service, then moving on to establish his own real estate, construction and investment companies. He was the President of a publicly traded oil and gas production company which was successfully merged with a company in China. He currently is a consultant at Southwest Business Consultants, Inc., Henderson, Nevada, providing consulting services, forming business entities, marketing aged corporations and doing reverse mergers. Wayne has always been interested in psychic phenomena and has studied with psychic Dixie Yeterian in Oakhust, CA and Drunvalo Melchizedek in Sedona, AZ. He is an avid reader of new age authors such as Jane Roberts, Wayne Dyer, Gregg Braden, Depak Chopra, and many others.

For Melinda Leslie’s bio and UFO Sighting Tour information please click here.

The Center for the New Age would like to thank Mr. Crumpley for allowing us to reprint his article originally written for Psychic Magic Magazine.

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