Animals and Spirituality

Ivory Angelic
Ivory Angelic

Angelic Message of the Week

Angel Yvonne reminds you of the importance of animals in spirituality. Animals have been the spiritual companions of humans since the earliest historical records. They have the ability to teach us to live outside of words. You have heard an animals thoughts though they cannot speak. This helps us to listen to other methods of consciousness, and tune into other rhythms.

Animals touch us in a deep core of our being. They are beings of pure love and joy. What they feel is expressed so freely without reservation.

Right to the point: Animals teach us about unconditional love, devotion, and propel us into an energy of abundance. Keep this in mind and spend time looking into your beloved pets eyes, praising them, and giving them the same love they so generously give to you.

When you are out in nature and encounter an animal, send it love, gratitude, and blessings. A simple way to continuously move forward on your spiritual journey.

By Ivory Angelic

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