There Is No Right Way To Live

Anita DaltonSo many of us judge how another person is living. Many parents think they know how their child’s life should look, who they should marry, how many children are appropriate. You get to choose the magical wonderful life of you dreams, exactly how you want. Choose it to be feeling good all the time. This is Enlightenment.

Some have a desire for children and some do not. Some have a desire for a flexible healthy body. Others have a desire for a large body and put little emphasis on weight or health. I saw a person still smoking this morning and I thought, “Are you kidding me!” If that what makes them happy, it’s not up to me to tell them how their movie should look. If they asked me, I would give them my opinion and that’s all it is, my opinion.

Some people have a desire for wealth, cars, jewelry, status and let’s not forget power Another may have no desire for material items. Some people have desire to be in Relationship. This is a big one. While someone else may like to be free and alone. The list of desires is endless.

But I believe that if everyone on planet earth were interviewed, every person would have to admit, that all they want is to be happy and feel good most of the time. So decide what your dream is. What makes your heart sing when you think about it. You don’t have to figure out how it’s going to happen or if it’s financially possible. You just have to dream about what that is.

I am always talking about the “Law of Attraction”. The law is not New Age WOO WOO, It’s a mathematical, scientific fact. And It works 100% of the time. When someone manifests money, the perfect mate, or that perfect car seemingly easily and effortlessly those who do not understand think it’s “luck”. It’s not . It’s a quantifiable, mathematical science and physics that is behind this process. It’s Quantum Physics true, but still physics. That means You Can be, do and have Anything You Desire. Anything and everything. It is possible, you just need a little more information. I once told my brother Ed who thought I was crazy, ” Ed the only difference between you and me , is that I have more information and I have seen it work. ” I am living Proof. All you need is a lot more information.

Try it. What have you got to lose? An Incarnation is a terrible thing to loose. Namaste.


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