Gaining a Positive Perspective

Ivory Angelic
Ivory Angelic

Angelic Message of the Week

Between the turmoil in the world, and the usual drama of life, many of you are finding it difficult to see things in a positive light. You have been bombarded with violent news stories, uncertainty in the economy, and unexpected challenges. Your angelic guides know what you face on a daily basis, and are here to support you.

They suggest that you find balance and that illusive positive perspective by adding a couple of changes to your day. The first change is to spend time alone in nature on a regular basis. It can be a hike into the mountains, a walk in the park, or sitting in your backyard listening to the birds singing, the wind in the trees, and appreciating the beauty around you. This will remind you of the incredible beauty all around you, and help to calm your mind, release negativity, and find balance.

Their second suggestion is that you meditate. State your desires and intentions out loud for your guides. Then meditate, noticing thoughts popping into your head and gently releasing them, going deeper into your meditative state. This will clear your mind, and allow your guides to better communicate with you.

The world has never been an easy place to be. Yet there have always been people who live joyously, with a positive outlook on life. Follow this angelic guidance and choose to be one of those people.

Ivory Angelic

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