Reiki – Touching the Realm of Spirit – Part I

Young woman in reiki healing sessionThis is the first of two articles dealing with the magical, mystical, spiritually guided life force energy known as Reiki.

The word “Rei” as used in Reiki means spiritual consciousness, the knowledge that comes from the Universe and the Higher Self. “Ki” is life force, the nonphysical energy that animates all living things; the prime energy. The spiritual consciousness guides the life force; therefore, Reiki.

Each person brings Reiki in with them at birth. It is the energy of life itself. Unfortunately, as we “mature,” we give up our knowledge that we are capable of our own healing and instead, look to the institutions built on science to heal us. When we accept (again) that we can, we become our own healers.

Each attunement reopens channels through which the Reiki energy flows. Each time a person accepts the Reiki energy, a channel of healing is set in motion. The Reiki practitioner is not healing the client; rather, the practitioner is channeling healing energy to the point where it is needed. The energy has a consciousness that instinctively guides it to the spot where it is needed; so too, the amount that is needed flows to the area where it is needed and once there is no more need for that healing energy, the energy shuts off.

Reiki heals by flowing through the affected parts of the energy field and charging them with positive energy. The reaction to the energy takes many forms and each person’s reaction is exactly what it needs to be, even negative. In the case of negativity, eventually the Reiki energy will cause the negative energy to break apart and fall away, the individual himself being the determining factor in how long the processing will take.

There are a number of stories concerning Dr. Mikao Usui, and the events leading to his “discovery” of Reiki in the late 1800’s. Here is the most popular version.

Dr. Usui was the principal of a Christian seminary in Kyoto, Japan. Several of his more advanced students were asking questions about the healing method that Jesus used and why no one seemed to be able to duplicate it. Usui decided to search for the answers to his students’ question. In studying Buddhist texts, he learned that Buddha had performed miracles long before Jesus did. In some very old Buddhist sutras, he discovered some old formulas and symbols, but he had no idea of how to utilize them. Usui decided to go into the mountains outside of Kyoto to fast and meditate for twenty-one days. He went with the pure intent of receiving information and instruction on how to use the symbols.

When he got to the mountaintop he collected a pile of twenty-one stones so that he could keep track of the days. As each day dawned, he threw a stone off the mountain and spent his day studying the symbols, praying and meditating. This continued for twenty days, with focused intent. As the twenty-first day dawned, feeling discouraged and wondering if all of this had been for naught, he threw the last stone off the mountain, looked up and saw a point of light moving toward him at great speed. He realized it would strike him if he didn’t move, but he stood his ground.

The light struck him in his third eye. He saw millions of colors, the colors of the universal rays, and experienced the energy that this light contained. He then saw bubbles of glowing white light floating before his eyes. Each one of the bubbles contained one of the symbols he had uncovered in the Buddhist sutras. As each bubble moved into his view, he “knew” which energy the symbol represented and how to use it. The day progressed and the sun was high in the sky. Usui remembered everything that had happened and he ran down the mountain in a state of exuberance.

After praying and meditating for guidance on how to best use Reiki, Usui decided to go into the slums of Kyoto to help the people there. It was there that he developed what has come to be known as the Five Principles of Reiki.

After Dr. Usui formulated the Reiki principles, he left the slums of Kyoto and traveled throughout Japan teaching his healing system and empowering others to use it. One of the many individuals who became Reiki devotees was Hawayo Takata who provided these details in an oral history. We’ll continue with her story and the Five Principles of Reiki in our next weekly newsletter.


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