Reiki – Touching the Realm of Spirit – Part II

Young woman in reiki healing sessionThis is the second of two articles dealing with the magical, mystical, spiritually guided life force energy known as Reiki. To read the Part I, please Click Here.

Hawayo Takata came to Reiki under unusual circumstances. She was born in Hawaii of Japanese descent. In the late 1930’s she went to Japan to visit her family there and while in Japan, she became deathly ill and was hospitalized. The doctors were going to operate, and as she was being prepared she kept hearing a voice saying, “Operation not necessary.” She looked around to see who was telling her this and saw no one who appeared to be paying any attention to her, aside from surgical preparations. She heard the voice again and was directed to ask the head surgeon about her options. He told Hawayo about other treatment methods that were offered at a nearby clinic. Mrs. Takata climbed down off the table and opted to explore these other treatments before committing herself to surgery.
She checked into the clinic in Tokyo that was run by a Dr. Chujiro Hayashi. Hayashi had met Dr. Usui years before, and impressed with the sincerity and conviction of Dr. Usui, Dr. Hayashi had traveled with him teaching and healing. After Dr. Usui passed on, Dr. Hayashi became the leader of Reiki and offered Reiki healings at his clinic.
Mrs. Takata was fascinated with how effective Reiki was and after she became well, she repeatedly asked to be attuned to the energy. She was continuously turned down because, in 1930’s Japan, being a healer was not a woman’s place and certainly not the place of a foreign woman. However, Mrs. Takata was persistent and with the conviction that there would be another world war and that all the Reiki masters, being male, would be drafted and perhaps killed, Dr. Hayashi decided to attune two women –Hawayo Takata and other whose name is not known –so that Reiki would not be lost to the planet once again.
After this year of training, Mrs. Takata returned to Hawaii.
In November 1936, Dr. Hayashi went to Hawaii for a speaking tour to promote Reiki. During this time he trained Mrs. Takata to teach Reiki, thus making her what we now would call a Reiki Master, and as he left Hawaii, he asked her to come to see him when he summoned her. Almost four years later, Dr. Hayashi appeared to Mrs. Takata in a dream summoning her to come to Japan. She did this and found Dr. Hayashi in a state of high anxiety. With the coming war, he knew it was a matter of time before the Navy would call him out of retirement and he would be asked to perform actions he was not capable of doing due to his spiritual development. At this time, he passed to Mrs. Takata the leadership of Reiki. He assembled all the Reiki Masters at a gathering, announced Mrs. Takata to be the leader of Reiki, and then announced he would kill his physical body by bursting three blood vessels. As he continued speaking and lecturing, the blood vessels burst and he died.
His foresight was fortuitous, because Mrs. Takata is the only known Reiki Master to have survived the holocaust of World War II and everything we know in the West of Reiki comes from her. Mrs. Takata eventually moved to California where she practiced and taught Reiki and began to train other Reiki Masters only in 1975. Before her own death in 1980, she trained 22 Reiki Masters, the progenitors of all Usui Reiki Masters today.
Mrs. Takata stressed the importance of Mikao Usui’s “Five Principles of Reiki” which, when looked at closely, form a very solid basis for leading a spiritual life of love and light. It is said that if you follow these principles in your life day by day and give yourself a daily Reiki treatment, health, abundance and happiness will be yours.
JUST FOR TODAY, I WILL GIVE THANKS FOR MY MANY BLESSINGS: take time each day to focus on and give thanks to the Source of all that is. Giving thanks for your blessings and your abundance truly does increase them. Concentrate on seeing abundance in each and every part of your life. If you focus on what you don’t have instead of what you do have, your energy cannot create abundance.
JUST FOR TODAY, I WILL NOT WORRY: when we worry, we separate ourselves from the Source, because we have moved into fear, and the Source is Love. We move out of the belief that the Universe can support us because we no longer believe in the abundance of the Universe, nor are we focused on the belief that all that happens works to the greater good.
JUST FOR TODAY, I WILL NOT BE ANGRY: anger is a fear reaction. Everything that is not love is fear. All of the negative emotions can be reduced to fear. Anger is very interesting in that if there is someone or something that causes you to get angry, it is not truly that which is causing you to react that way… is the way that you are perceiving them; it is not anger; it is a negative emotion disguised as anger.
JUST FOR TODAY, I WILL DO MY WORK HONESTLY: honesty is a building block for the life you wish to lead. It is important because it clearly indicates that you have integrity. It gives others a clear picture of your values and shows them what you consider to be important. Something as simple as paying the toll even when the toll lights are not functioning creates a mentality that tells the Universe that we operate within the laws of abundance. What is freely given returns to us tenfold.
JUST FOR TODAY, I WILL BE KIND TO EVERY LIVING THING: kindness brings those things into your life that make living that life worthwhile. Every time you show kindness to another human you honor that person and thereby yourself.
In summing up Reiki, let’s use the words of Hawayo Takata. “For the inflow to be unobstructed, the vessel must be made empty. If there is inward stillness, ego, personal agendas, negative emotions, distracted thought and doubt will be neutralized, eventually allowing the soul-nature to manifest.”

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