Miracle of Prayer

Anita DaltonThis is a long story just to let you know how serious this illness is. We went to S.D. and kids came home sick. We didn’t think much of it because it just seemed like a bad cold. Although Ethan, whose ten was coughing uncontrollably. When the baby turned up with a runny nose, we thought she was getting her first cold. I was sharing my health drink with her, both of us sipping on the same straw. I wasn’t worried because I never get sick. Next morning, I woke up with the worst sore throat ever, but took some natural antibiotics and was OK. The baby kept getting worse, loosing her breath and turning blue. Her mom rushed her to the ER. They checked her oxygen and said she would have to wait because they were slammed. She ended up falling asleep in the waiting room so they took her home.

Next day, Jamie, the mom, called her pediatrician and took her in. She seemed better. They took a test for whooping cough but there haven’t been any other cases in years, so they were not alarmed. She just kept getting worse, especially at night. It was so scary to see this happy healthy baby, scared and listless. Jamie went on the internet and realized the symptoms were whooping cough and can be fatal for babies. Finally, she called the doctor and demanded an antibiotic. The doctor called back and said that the tests came back and she did indeed have the disease They would have to report it to the Health Board and Quarantine the whole family and immediately put everyone on antibiotics. The doctor also said, she would have to call in another physician, because she never treated Pertussis.

How could this happen? Well the doctors best guess is that mothers have stopped immunizing their children. Especially since there hasn’t been much threat of these diseases in years. However, the illegals coming across the border are not immunized either and rarely seek medical advice. We were In San Diego,Sea World, the zoo. We might have to re-think this.

That’s when I emailed Judy at Unity. It’s easy to stay positive when things are going good, but it takes real faith to believe in prayer when the odds are against you. I received some amazing prayers from Unity healers and chaplains. All my healers and Psychics did the same. I prayed for Jesus to help. A picture of Jesus healing, a child appeared on my Facebook page (coincidentally), the next day. My heart immediately knew this was a sign she was going to be OK.

I spoke to Jamie this morning and she said Sophia is so much better and Ethan is improving also. She said, “Mom I know this is a God Thing”. I know it too. My thanks and Gratitude to all the Healers and Chaplains at Unity, to Judy and Michael, to Melody, to all the psychics and healers at the Center For The New Age, to Rachel, and to God for this Miracle. I’ll bring Sophia in to meet you all when she is well. Love Anita


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