Trusting Other People

Anita DaltonWe have all trusted someone and been betrayed at one time or another. But how many of us have never betrayed another. None of us came into this experience perfect. However each one of us gets to choose one path or another at some point. This is the human experience. The hope is that after however many mistakes we get to make, the light bulb comes on sooner or later. The Dali Lama once said, “People rationalize integrity according to their own needs.” In my twenty years at the Center, I’ve seen it all. But I have to admit, I see it differently than I did over the years.

I know the “WE ARE ONE ” thing is hard for most people to get. The ego believes we are separate. Our bodies are separate. We look different and separate. We think different, speak different. But we are really spirit wearing physical bodies. I have lessons to learn from you and you from me. Our spirit all wants the same thing, evidence of our perfect loving self. The ego mind is seeking evidence of your guilt. Any thought we have about anyone is a thought about ourselves. How else would we be able to see it?

People make mistakes. I can focus on what you did wrong and attack you, but then I would feel pain and feel attacked myself. Or I can choose to see your innocence. When we behave as jerks, it could be a call for love. Remove your focus on your brothers sins. Unloving thoughts hurt yourself. You achieve so little because your mind is undisciplined. Realize that attack thoughts only attack me.

Change your intent on what’s happening now. No one wants to be reminded of what they did wrong before. It’s work to focus on only good. You may have to stop listening to the news or stop watching scary movies. What we focus on, we create. Even if we think we are focusing on something not happening. The universe doesn’t compute the “not” in your thought. I was so worried about someone hitting my new car, I created exactly that. The woman who hit me couldn’t believe how nice I was about it. I took responsibility for my part, my vibration bringing me exactly what I feared the most.

Our way is not difficult, it’s our resistance that’s difficult. Only speak to others in light and love. Miracles are natural expressions of love. When you see love, you get love. It just takes intention and practice. So practicing only loving today. Know that if you stop doing the work, it won’t work.


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