PortalsThrough the Looking Glass, Narnia Chronicles, Brigadoon share a common theme. “Portals, inter-dimensional doorways, two-way tunnels, curtains of light” are a recurring concept in our cultural tradition allowing for travel between worlds and a means of transcending time and space.

Caves have long figured in folklore as entryways to other worlds – worlds of spirit beings, of different lands and different times. Not only caves, but cracks and fissures in boulders were thought to be entryways to the supernatural and of course, mountains have often been regarded as portals to the abode of spirits and the sites of sacred revelations.

Rocks themselves have often been perceived to be entryways to the otherworld. Spirit helpers of Native American shamans live in the stone and freely pass between both worlds.

“One day a woman found a great, reddish slab of stone on the bank of the creek. It shone most wonderfully. How happy she would be if she could rub the very same color on her own body! So she searched and found a rough stone which she used to scrub the stone slab until there was a little pile of red powder. She mixed some water with the powder. Then she colored her body with the shinning red. Standing there so beautifully painted she began to sing for joy. And as she sang, the stone slab on which she stood opened and swallowed her up. Even today, on passing this stone, one can still hear the song of the enchanted woman.”

The very word enchanted speaks of the stone. She was swallowed up but not harmed. She was taken through the portal into the world of spirit and Faery – a nice fairytale, but consider this. Sedona, Arizona is famous for its red rocks and fairytale appearance. Metaphysical Mecca that it is, Sedona boasts many strange and wonderful sites in the “red rocks.” Vortexes, ley lines (lines of cosmic energy in the Earth), spiritual energy enhanced by the natural Feng Shui of the monoliths and mesas, are all found in Sedona. So too is Sedona an area of portals, a doorway to another time or place, where the time/space continuum falls back on itself and leaves an opening that can transport entities or humans from one reality to another.

Some people say they can travel physically through portals, but most of those who visit the portals in Sedona move within their minds, as in a meditation. This is commonly known as an out-of-body experience as they project their consciousness into an astral realm. Think of our reality as a grid pattern of electro-magnetic energy, layered like a cake to create the world we see and touch. A disruption in this grid, like cutting the cake with a knife, allows one to move through and between the “layers” to another realm of existence. Portals exist where ley lines intersect and where planetary grid points open and close in a fairly constant state of change. (Stonehenge, pyramids in Egypt and Mexico and Machu Picchu are other examples of well known portals – sacred places built on ley lines.)

There is an awareness that entities exist beyond our third dimensional existence, and that it is possible that there is movement between dimensions at portals. The third dimension vibratory rate is relatively slow. When one is transported to another dimension where there is no time, nor space, the soul level existence speeds up to experience thoughts, ideas, places and other entities at a faster frequency. It is there where we gain access to information of higher knowledge. Most commonly, this is the dimension of dream time, meditation or open channels, a state of consciousness readily achieved at Sedona’s portals. These doorways may hold many wonders. It is really up to each of us to boldly step forward into the unknown and grasp what may be our own magical, mystical, wondrous truths.

Visiting a portal: One can awaken to a higher consciousness that reality is about to shift to a new and higher frequency, resulting in healing oneself, healing others, and awakening to one’s own life purpose.

The big question is, “Just where are these portals?” The first clue is to look for UFO sightings as space craft will often move in and out of our third-dimension reality through inter-dimensional openings. UFO sightings are common in Sedona at Bell Rock, Courthouse Rock, and the Secret Canyon areas. More evidence of portals: seeing unusual lights such as orbs or rainbows that look out of place. Finding orbs dancing upon the waters at Cathedral Rock or North Fork vortexes are a common sight for many tourists. Ancient ruins where temperature shifts are felt abruptly such as the Boynton Canyon vortex or the Honanki/Palaki Ruins are other portal spots in Sedona.

Portals can be found by dowsing with L-Rods or pendulums.

Just as many are drawn to sacred sites, people are drawn to Sedona for the metaphysical energies. Many are looking for information about their life’s path, the feeling they are being called “on a mission” or to heal physically or emotionally. The Center for the New Age has over 15 professional psychics, Tarot readers, mediums, body workers and Vortex tour leaders who can assist you on your spiritual quest and inner transformation.

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