The Secret To Unhappiness

Anita DaltonMany people come to our Center looking for answers to life’s challenges. There are many books, CD’s and readers. What everyone is looking for is happiness, however they think it looks to them. So how do you get there from where you are to who you want to be. First you have to be aware of who you are. Take some time to do some soul searching. In the weeks to come, I am hoping to guide us through this process. It won’t be easy because it will require peeling away some levels of ego. If you think your up for it, continue reading.

Do you try to please everyone? Think about this.
There are only three levels of awareness:
Level 1 are those obsessed with how other people perceive them, think about them, talk about them. Other people have complete control over these people’s emotions. If someone says something bad about them, disrespects them, embarrasses them, they feel miserable. They will try to prove they are right. They will stick with their story and try to get others to agree with them. Is this you to some degree. It’s all of us to some degree.

Level 2 are those who only think and care about how they perceive others. What other people think or say about them is irrelevant and easily dismissed.
They don’t care if you like them or not. Their only focus is on what they think of themselves. No one has any impact or control of their emotions. They take responsibility for their own happiness. They are in control of their own emotions.

Level 3 people understand that we are all ” One,” we are just at different levels of awareness and consciousness. They don’t judge because they know we are all somewhere on the path. These people only focus on improving their own consciousness. They focus on loving themselves at all times under all circumstances and conditions. They see their physical body and other’s bodies as just space suits that got us to planet earth. It’s like they are watching a movie with many different characters

Whatever level your at is perfect for you. Only you can decide what level you are at and what level you want to achieve. “When the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear.


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