Dealing With Emotions

Anita DaltonAnger, fear. rage, regret,  these are all negative emotions that are triggered by people, events and circumstances in the now or in the past. I had a man tell me the other day that his wife was hormonal. That could be true also. Physical health can be a factor in our behavior. Use of drugs and alcohol to mask our feelings sometimes doesn’t have the result we were hoping for.
We are all wounded. We have spent many lifetimes learning how to deal with our pain. Personal sorrow and pain is sometimes the very thing we need to make change in our lives. Old religions tried to scare us into behaving. The ego thinks it can change these negative emotions by itself. It can mask them or forget about them. Then something happens and here they are again. I thought I fixed that , so why is it happening again. The wound is still there even after years of therapy.
What can we do to heal these emotions? First we have to be able to really feel them no matter how painful. Next we have to realize that we ourselves have created these situations for our highest and best good. We are all here to grow spiritually. We are all here to get past the lessons we create over and over. The only way for that to happen is to realize we don’t have to do it our self.
This is the time when the ego has to step aside and let go and let God. The ego doesn’t want to admit there is a power greater than itself. Admitting that would be a loss of control. But what if asking for help from your guides could make your life easier. What if being grateful for those lessons could bring you to a higher level of conscious understanding. What if loving your own humanness, could help you not judge the human aspect in others.
Self love, happiness, forgiveness and gratitude are the only way to get past the negativity. Make that decision today. Decide to be happy, loving and seeing the good in any circumstance. Ask for the Holy Spirit to come into your life and help you see differently.


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