Letting Go Of What Is Not Serving YOU

Anita DaltonIf you truly want the peace and bliss that comes with enlightenment there are some human ego attributes your going to have to let go. Pride is one of those. Pride is fragile and a needless burden. You see the ego is constantly seeks reinforcement by approval and flattery.

The media is in overload with attention seekers. Just look at our presidential election process. It’s kind of a joke when you think about why the candidates need so much attention when all it does is attract envy and jealousy rather than admiration. A wise person would avoid the virtual seductive glamour that replaces reality.

You see pride is very fragile and therefore it’s defenses are often extreme to the point of paranoia. That which is easily inflated can become quickly deflated which triggers shame and humiliation. Humility is the strongest safeguard against this flaw that allows the ego to be vulnerable for attack. Sometimes it believes it’s being attacked even when it isn’t.

Unfortunately even in childhood, a parents love can be conditional. Insufficient approval,or the good boy, bad boy label is what brings later insecurity. We then take these insecurities into our relationships and further play out our drama,until hopefully the light-bulb comes on . When we recognize our our oneness, letting go of our specialness is the next step. It’s a big step and one we may not take easily. Frustration of pride can easily lead to rage and the prideful can become vengeful and spiteful. Just look how divorce ruins pride and the “War Of The Roses” begins.

The Buddah taught,”Rare is it to be born a human; rarer still is it to have heard of enlightenment; and the most rare is it to pursue enlightenment. Inner peace only comes from humility and acceptance of our humanness.We are all in this world together and it’s the journey that is the lesson. Imagine if we all pursued enlightenment.

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