Survival Mind

Anita DaltonWhen we make decisions about reality as children, based on what we learned from our caretakers, we made decisions in order to survive. You may have had a dysfunctional family, or a controlling mother or father. You may have had foster parents or step parents.  Whatever the situation, you had no choice except to adjust. Even if you had perfect parents, you might have had to live up to their expectations. Everything you did to cope has affected how you look at the world now.

We make unconsciousness choices as adults, based on the choices we made as children. We wanted to be loved, to be safe,  to be secure, and to be fed. Even though you think you may have gotten over your childhood, your sub consciousness mind is going to be influenced by those childhood memories. This is because your not allowing yourself to be connected to Source.

Even though your rational mind tries to focus on attracting to you things you want to make you safe and secure, it sometimes seems like a uphill battle. So how do you reprogram that. Well first you have to be aware that those thought are driving you. You need to question your behavior and ask your self why am I doing that behavior.Then you have to make a conscious decision to change those unwanted behaviors that stemmed from survival.

Did you grow up thinking money was scarce or that rich people were bad and selfish? You have been trained to do the things you do. It might be time to retrain those  destructive thought patterns. The only way to do that is to put more positive information into your subconscious mind. It can be done. And when you decide to let go of your ego , you can let your Higher Power help guide you.

Some people think they need years of therapy. It’s easier than that.  When I was a child, I did not like eggs. My mother insisted that I eat them and sometimes made me sit at the table for hours until I did. I never did. As and adult, I decided to never eat eggs.  Then one day a friend convinced me to invest in a restaurant, an omelet restaurant. How could I come up with the menu when I never eat eggs? I decided to change  and hypnotize myself to eating eggs. I eat eggs now, but only omelets.

I used to listen to self-hypnosis enthusiasm  tapes on my way to work every day. My customers would tell me that they purchased my product because of my enthusiasm.  I was once grossly over weight. My ego mind tried every solution. One day I gave up and turned it over to my higher power. It was like a switch flipped in my head and I changed. Twenty years later I am still thin, but I don’t eat like I was programmed to by my Italian family.

Today we have CD’s, that if we listen to them everyday can program new ideas into our brain and even change our neural pathways. We can all make the shift  to higher consciousness and live the life we were meant to live. Start by asking, “Holy Spirit, how can I look at this differently”. Then make that change now that can change your survival.

– Namaste and thanks, Anita

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