Is Your Glass Half Full Or Half Empty

Anita DaltonIt really doesn’t matter. You can refill your glass at any time. The choice is yours. It doesn’t matter what the planets are doing or if Mercury is in retrograde. You and only you are in charge. You create everything in your life. Your current thoughts create your reality and your life experience. Your thoughts create your vibration and the frequency you broadcast.

Many people come to Sedona from many different backgrounds. They bring their frequency with them. Now the Vortex energy here only intensifies those energies. If the energy is good, you get more good. If the energy is bad, you get bad energy. Your past manifested thoughts and decisions are your Karma that influences your current reality. Your thoughts come before your actions. Most of us think actions create things in your life. Actually, it’s your thoughts past, present and future that do the real creating.

When you want something and you really feel good when you think about what you want, the Universe will orchestrate everything perfectly with amazing precision and complexity in ways that are beyond human comprehension. When this happens in a “spectacular ” way, it is called a miracle. Things like spontaneous physical healings, money seeming to appear out of nowhere to pay old debts are just a couple of those kind of miracles.

Yet every day we are creating, more common miracles. Like bumping into the love of your life in a crowded restaurant. Or running into a person you haven’t seen in years, but were just thinking about. Last night I ran into an old friend in a restaurant I never go to. It was an odd time not really dinner hour about 4 pm. She wanted to give me a message but was unable to reach me.” Oh My God” she said, “what are the chances”. The chances are very good because you are always creating exactly what you need to happen. There are no coincidences.

When you decide to only do good, then good happens. When you feel good the flow works better and faster. So feel good now and refill your glass. It never has to be half empty. Wake up each day, put a smile on your face and shout to the Universe, “I FEEL HAPPY, I FEEL HEALTHY, I FEEL TERRIFIC”.
Namaste, Anita

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