Poor Is Not Just A Financial Condition

Anita DaltonIn his book, POWER  VS FORCE, Dr. David Hawkins explains that our vision of consciousness  is linked with our concept of self.  The more limited the sense of self, the smaller is the  parameter of experiencing.  Restricted paradigms of reality are global in their effect.

For example, our studies of the “poor” have made it evident that the poor are poor in  friendships, poor in verbal skills, poor in education, poor in social amenities, poor in  resources, poor in health, and poor in their overall level of happiness. Poorness, then,  can be seen as a quality characteristic  of a limited self image. It’s not a financial  condition, but a level of consciousness.

So how do we change our poor level of consciousness. First, there has to be a desire.  Without desire to change, one will never take the steps necessary to initiate the change  All poor people wish they were not poor. However, wishing doesn’t make it so, When you are  wishing you are concentrating on something you do not have. There has to be an action.  Steps have to be taken. There are numerous techniques and behaviors that can remove  obstacles and expand awareness. But there needs to be a commitment to doing them.

Robert and I were recently in Hawaii and took an exercise program promising to keep our  bodies young. It felt really good and the instructor warned, “This will only work if you  continue to do it.” We purchased his DVD and haven’t really committed to watching it. We  are wishing for the end result, but we haven’t committed to doing the work.

I tell people all the time. The secret to success is enlightenment. However, this condition  is of little interest to most people.  They want the end result without doing the work.  Think about it, we were to stop one thousand people in the street and ask them what their  greatest ambition in life.  How many of them would say to be enlightened?  I remember  having to make a decision in my younger years. It was about inheriting money or  enlightenment. I chose the latter. I now have both. Amen.

Namaste, Anita

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