Dynamics Of Ego

Anita Dalton In his book, Transcending The Levels Of Consciousness, David Hawkins describes the combination of reason, logic, and education to be the way to counterbalance the pressures of the primitive narcissistic ego.  This ego feels threatened by higher values of personal and social integrity.

The enemy of rationality is the self-servingness of narcissism itself, which warps and distorts reason to facilitate its own ends. At lower levels of consciousness, the mind is merely used as another weapon to force and control others. This is like animal instinct. The reason of the intellect can be distorted to serve egoistic goals rather than those that are integrous.

The distortion of truth to sub-serve ones own agenda is characteristic of lower consciousness mind. The lower mind is ruled by what it wants. The higher mind is disciplined by accountability and standards of truth. To present falsity as purported truth is an excused in children, but can have serious major consequences in adult life.

Non integrity by public officials constitutes  a major focus of the media that thrives on scandal. The adherence to reason and logical truth as a social standard has declined in the judiciary. We are being sold and tricked every day by politicians telling us what we want to hear whether it is truth or not.

I saw a video on Facebook this morning. A father was handing his daughter, her mail. There was a letter from Senator Marc Rubio. The envelope said ” CHECK ENCLOSED.” Even though the teenager had no idea who the sender was, she was excited to see there was a check inside for her and quickly opened the envelope. Of course, there was no check inside, just a letter soliciting her vote.

Why we put up with all these false promises could be because we are rationalizing what’s in it for us. Or it’s OK because we all do it.  It’s not OK. Persistent devotion to spiritual truth and enlightenment and love of what’s right is our only purpose on this planet and our only salvation. The solution is to surrender the ‘but what about’s’ to God and the Universe. The more of us who get serious about changing our own consciousness is what’s going to save our world.

Namaste Anita

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