How Do I Raise My Vibration?

Anita Dalton I am constantly talking about Vibration and how important it is in making the Law of Attraction  work for you. According to Abraham in Ester Hicks book “The Vortex”, you first have to have a belief about raising your vibration. A belief being only a thought you keep thinking. You will get what you think about most of the time.

There are three things you can do to help you with this process. The first is a Bedtime Visualization . Tonight as you lay in your bed, focus your attention on the best feeling things you can find. Draw your thoughts away from any overwhelming details of your day. Think in detail about the comfort of your bed. Imagine the mattress floating and you body being absorbed into it. Say things like, I like this. This is a good life and then sleep.

When you find yourself awake in the morning, stay in your bed for five minutes with your eyes closed, with the intention of basking in the most pleasant things you can think of. During the night you released your resistance, so now is the time to hold pleasure in your thoughts and give them a strong foothold.. If you feel the slightest uneasiness, breathe deeply, focus back on the comfort of your bed, find something to appreciate and then get up and start your day.

After you have eaten breakfast and showered, plan to sit for 15minutes to clean up any pieces of resistance that are lurking in your thought process. The best time to do this is when you are feeling good. Take a large sheet of paper and write down your negative thought. Whenever life points out to you something you don’t want. , a thought of what you do want will hatch in your awareness at the same time. Then write it over the top of the negative thought, write in bold letters. Write the positive version of what you do want.

You have moved your vibration to a new way of looking at your world  through the eyes of Source and therefore your point of attraction will shift. This short process will bring you back with who you really are . For more clarity on this process, read Esther’s book, The Vortex. I highly recommend it.

Namaste Anita D.

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