Jade, the Dream Stone

Jade-300Jade is associated with the Heart Chakra and is great for increasing LOVE in your life. You definitely want this stone in the love corner of your bedroom.  Much prized in the Orient, it signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility. It increases love and nurturing. It brings harmony and keeps one from harm. It is believed to attract good luck and friendship.

Psychologically, Jade stabilizes the personality and integrates mind with body. It promotes self sufficiency. Mentally, Jade releases negative thoughts and soothes the mind. It stimulates ideas and makes tasks easier.

Also the dream stone, placed on the head or under the pillow it brings insightful dreams and aids in emotional release of irritability. It encourages you to be who you really are. It will help you recognize yourself as a spiritual being and awakens hidden knowledge.

Physically, Jade is a cleansing stone, working with the body’s filtration system and elimination organs to remove toxins. It also assists in fertility and childbirth. Jade balances fluids in the body and the water-salt acid alkaline ratios.


The Center has quite a bit of Jade for Feng Shui. Call Annie for more information  928-282-2085 or send us an Email.

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