Spirituality versus Money

Anita DaltonWhy is it some people are very surprised if a wealthy person is Spiritual? And why is it that some very gifted psychics feel guilty for charging. Do they have no respect for their own art? Some of these people even have metaphysical PhD’s and have spent a lot of money honing their skills. They also spend a lot of energy keeping themselves clear and connected to their guides as to give only accurate information unedited.

What I do is worth an amount of exchange of spiritual energy and money is energy. Its part of the game we came to the planet to play.  If you don’t feel good about yourself, you don’t make money. The secret is doing your right livelihood and feeling good now. Intuitive dreams are often blocked because of fear of losing money.

When I first came to Sedona 25 years ago, there wasn’t one psychic making a living doing their spiritual work. The Center has made great stride in changing that attitude and we have had many success stories. There was the pizza delivery boy from Phoenix. He was very gifted and was later discovered by a mediocre ball player, who put him on retainer and they both made it to the World Series. Or how about the restaurant hostess who came to work at the Center. She read for the manager of a well-known actor and he became her only client to this day.

I have many more stories like this, but the bottom line is, when you’re doing the work you love and help others be successful, the Universe works miracles.  There is a quote that most people would be afraid to say, “God Take What You Need from Me and Leave Me the Rest”. Would you have the courage and self-esteem enough to make that statement? Think about it. If you lost everything material, would you still have self-esteem?

Money and riches are blessed if we don’t get attached to them. When we try to hold on to tightly to people and material things we stop the flow of the Universal energy. When this flow is stopped, the repression is directly connected to your health. Disease does not start in the physical body; it starts in the emotional body. An example is lower back pain is the inability to stand up for yourself.

So take creative action. Drop the “I” from your vocabulary. Give back more than you receive unconditionally from your heart. The greatest gift you can give the world is a healthy you. Namaste.

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