Light Body Transfiguration

“Wisdom is the ability to know what is important in your life and what is not, what things are distractions and what things are important to your soul.  It is the ability to sort through all the data that is coming in and select only those things that contribute to your sense of well-being.”

The meditative state of man's soul.

Enlightenment is a developmental process.  It is not purely psychological for in the course of higher human development, physical changes also occur, most dramatically in the later phases of the enlightenment process.  In the final phase, according to various sacred traditions, the body is alchemically changed into light.  Enlightenment becomes literally so. Through a combination of personal effort and divine grace, a person achieves the transmutation of flesh, blood and bone into an immortal body of light or energy.  Tibetan Buddhists use the term, “Light Body.”

As one builds the Light Body, cellular structure and physiology undergo mutation and cell metabolism is accelerated.  Old emotional and mental structures are released and profound energetic shifts abound.

With intentional building of the Light Body, one can dramatically accelerate the shift into higher consciousness and embody more completely the frequencies attributed to Source energy.  With these finer frequencies of light, you are building an awareness of the higher dimensions and yourself as you exist in them.  As you awaken your Light Body, you can experience many heightened, blissful, peaceful, loving, joyful and insightful states of consciousness.  You can use these energies in many practical ways as well as create your highest desires from a place of unlimited potential.

Intentional Light Body activation can dramatically accelerate your evolutionary progress as that is aligned to your conscious intent, highest good and Universal Plan.  The impact of the activation is typically felt over an extended period; however., many people begin to feel its effects immediately.

These effects may include:

  • Stronger connection to Spirit, spirit realms and the Universal Mind
  • Increased ability to access sacred knowledge
  • Heightened sense perception
  • Transition into your Highest Human Potential
  • Expanded healing ability
  • Manifesting hidden talents and soul purpose
  • More youthful body; improved eyesight and memory
  • Increased energy level
  • Stronger desire to ingest healthy food to maintain your body as a ‘Divine Temple of Light”
  • Detoxification and clearing of negativity from physical, emotional and mental bodies and auric field
  • Clearing of limiting beliefs and patterns
  • Release of deeply held issues
  • Resolution of relationship difficulties
  • Transition into heart based living – unconditional love of self and others
  • Increased sense of vitality and zest for life
  • Greater joy in life; inner peace and calm
  • Self mastery over all human limitation

“Self mastery over all human limitation…..”  Is this not a magical, mystical, mind blowing, exhilarating concept that you want to experience for yourself???
Light Work
Here is a really interesting yet simple method of Light Work involving working with the power of threes.

Add light and love and power for humanity.  Create a triangle with two other people and participate in this global group work to heal our world.  Triangles are a magnificent way to bring about positive change. As you clasp hands, focus on the meditation you three have created.   As your triangle links into the network of Triangles, your spiritual energy adds to the channel of light flowing from the Ultimate to the minds and hearts of humanity.


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