Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer-Diamonds-2Imagine driving along a back country road in bucolic New York and seeing a sign, “Diamonds available, stop here.”  Wouldn’t you stop?  Wouldn’t you be curious?  Who wouldn’t!

The question is, however, what are diamonds doing along a back-woods road and when is a diamond not a diamond?

Herkimers aren’t diamonds like the ones from Cartier or Tiffany’s.  They aren’t carbon.

Herkimer diamonds are quartz formations that, because of their brilliance and diamond shape, have been given that name.  As for the Herkimer part, these aren’t from South Africa, or Australia, or Botswana.  Herkimer diamonds are mined only in Herkimer County in Central New York State.  Hence, the name.

Diamonds are the hardest natural substance in the world.  Herkimer diamonds, while not as hard as carbon or natural diamonds, are stronger than man-made steel.  Diamonds may be up to 3 billion years old.  Nearly five hundred million years ago silicon and oxygen formed Herkimer Diamonds inside dolomite rock.

While true diamonds come out of the ground looking like rough glass and must be cut, Herkimer diamonds come out of the ground already faceted and sparklingly bright.

Herkimer Diamonds have the typical hexagonal habit of quartz; however, instead of having a termination on one end, they are doubly terminated.  This is a result of the crystals growing with very little or no contact with their host rock.  Such doubly terminated crystals are very rare and add to the mystique of Herkimer Diamonds.

Herkimer Diamonds are considered to be the most powerful of quartz crystals and are probably the most effective crystals to use to release energy blockages.   They help align, balance and unblock the seven chakras or energy centers. They are particularly helpful when placed between chakras.  For example, if you had difficulty in communicating with someone you love and this difficulty was affecting the quality of your love, you might place a Herkimer between the heart and throat.

A Herkimer Diamond, like all forms of clear quartz, will enhance the energy of any crystal it is placed with, in a crystal layout.  Because of its ability to help release energy blockages that often express themselves in the form of stress and tension, this crystal is an important tool in prevention of physical disease.

One of the most striking aspects of this diamond is its ability to enhance dream recall.  If you have difficulty remembering your dreams or aren’t even sure that you have them, this is the most likely stone to help.  However, some people find their dreams becoming so vivid that they feel as if they weren’t asleep at all.  When an amethyst is placed with the Herkimer, the latter’s energy is softened and the dreamer still remembers the dream, but will feel rested.

One last quality of Herkimer diamonds is that they seem to have the ability to raise human energy levels and are thus recommended whenever you need more cheer in your life.

In modern magic, Herkimers are used to boost the effectiveness of spells and bring about changes, especially those from the astral level, more quickly.  They are also used to increase power and protection from disease as well as psychic attacks.  They are used to ease channeling and astral projection as well as deepening the trance achieved in meditation and increasing psychic abilities.

Herkimer Diamonds are the most powerful of all gemstones magically and can be used in any type of spell or magic.  Many witches and mages (sorcerers) wear them all the time for protection and to continue the power directed towards spells and rituals once the spell or ritual is complete.

Herkimers are also the only gem that can be substituted for a carbon diamond in magic without losing the potency or hampering the desired effect.  Since a gem quality carbon diamond cost upwards of $1000+ per carat and a decent Herkimer diamond costs even less than 1% of that price and performs with the same effectiveness or better,  maybe we should just deduce that Herkimer diamonds are themselves from the magical realm and leave it at that.

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