Who's Driving Your Body?

Will the authentic person please step forward.  We want to unmask the new reality one person at a time, moment by moment.

Since we have a soul, our essence, our energy is a unique vibration.  When we die, our energy continues to vibrate and has the same vibration when we return in a different body.  That is why different people feel very familiar to us.  We have been with them before and we recognize their energy vibration now.

Few people understand what this vibration actually feels like.  We are too busy looking outside of ourselves for answers rather than looking within and understanding how we are using our energy.  The biggest challenge to understanding what we are creating energetically is to stay in the present moment and consciously see what we are choosing to create each moment of each day through perception, actions, attention and beliefs.

In order to achieve this state, the first step is to start noticing where the attention is focused.  For many people, this is looking at the past, the future or being on automatic pilot and not paying attention to the present moment at all.

The second step is to bring your attention back to the present moment when you recognize that you are not there.  This could be many moments each day when you are first beginning.  This is a difficult process after so many years of conditioning.  Do not get discouraged or beat yourself up.  Appreciate yourself for noticing the inconsistency and come into the “now.”  This energy is much lighter and will help your energy centers stay open which will, in turn, create a bigger/stronger energy field.  Also, energy is magnetic.  Whatever type of energy you send out, you will receive the same type back.

The third step is to listen to your impressions, imagination, senses, intuition, dreams, impulses, empathy.  These are all aspects of your mind that is communicating with you on a constant basis.

Lastly, follow these connections so that you can understand how you communicate with yourself.  This will widen your awareness and show you how much power you  have to create exactly what you want.

And what are your beliefs?  Where did they originate?  Are they a good fit for you now?  What happens when you notice that your actions are not congruent with your belief systems?  You might observe that what you thought you believed, you do not.  The actions represent what you truly subscribe to, not what you thought you accepted as true.

Everything in our reality is a mirror to us about ourselves.  Clearly seeing and understanding others is much easier for people than clearly seeing and understanding themselves.  With the shifting energy, it is easier for the unfamiliar to become familiar.  If we are staying in the present moment, we will notice results very quickly. We will be consciously creating our reality instead of feeling victim to some unseen power or force.

Remember, nothing is impossible to create.  You can free yourself from mental, physical, spiritual and emotional limits.  See yourself in this moment exactly how you want to be with all your dreams and desires.  Energy does not follow times lines.  People think and say, “I will” (future tense) when, in fact, we should make the statement in the present tense.  For instance, notice the difference between “I will be rich” versus “Yippee, I am rich!”

The more you can put your senses and passion into what you want in the present moment, the faster you will magnetize that energy.  The clearer you are with what you desire and what energy you send out, the more quickly you will receive your preferred results.

Above all else, have fun with the creation because that lighter energy does more to help your energy field stay open and vibrating at a higher level than putting a lot of pressure or expectations on yourself.  You can look at it this way.  We have the absolute ability to actually generate our own reality.  All it takes is a shift in perception and practice.   And voila, a magical existence!

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