Wednesday December 21 is Winter Solstice

Stonehenge Winter SolsticeAlso known as the first day of Winter, this Wednesday we celebrate Winter Solstice, the longest night on earth and the subsequent return of the Light. Many cultures honor this time of year, all of them pointing to a Sun God that leads them out of their slumber and into a time of spiritual awakening.

A fun fact is that the Solstice occurs within two and a half hours before the new moon. Earliest people knew the sun’s path and built monuments to follow the Sun’s yearly progress. Today we know that it is an astronomical event caused by the earth’s tilt on its axis and it’s motion around the sun. The tilt is what causes winter and summer.In December the Northern Hemisphere is leaning most away from the sun.

After the Winter Solstice the days get longer and the nights get shorter. It’s a seasonal shift everyone notices. Watch for late dawns and early sunsets and the low arch of the sun across the sky each day. Notice your noontime shadow is the longest of the year.

In ancient times these events, cycles of the sun and moon, acted as peoples clocks and calendars by which they planned their lives and planted their crops. In modern times in the UK, Solstice is recognized mainly by gatherings at Stonehenge, which is believed to have played a vital role in observing and marking such events.

Present day celebrations at the Salisbury Plain stone circle are attended by thousands of modern Druids, Pagans and New Age worshipers Now is the time to turn within and get to know the light of our true selves. It’s time to begin to shine our light into the world by embodying our divinity. The Winter Solstice is also the time to complete the process of bidding farewell to the past and focus on the the new life and new growth that awaits us.

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