The Etheric Body

The Etheric Body is the repository of the life-force or vitality principle for the entire psycho-physical organism.
This life-force, variously called chi, prana, libido, is often identified with the breath, and hence we find the term for the “soul” or “spirit” (actually the Etheric body) in many cultures having “breath” or “wind” as their primary meaning: e.g. ruah (Hebrew), pneuma (Greek) and spirtus (Latin).
The Etheric Body forms a structure of meridians throughout the body, through all the major organs, glands, nerves and energy centers, or Chakras. (see newsletters from September 2001; February and December 2003). This system of Etheric energy permeates the physical body, supporting and sustaining it while extending beyond the physical form and surrounding it like an aura. It is slightly larger, extending about one and one-half inches beyond the periphery of the physical body.
Called the “Vital Body” since the ether is the way of ingress for the vital force from the Sun and the field of agencies in nature that promote assimilation, growth and propagation, the Etheric Body is the foundation of organic life. Nothing physical can be alive without the Etheric Body. It feeds the physical with energy that is vital for its health and survival. It maintains the physical body’s form until death. At that time, the Etheric separates from the physical body and the physical reverts to natural disintegration.
When the physical body goes to sleep, the Etheric expands, the chakas open, and the individual receives energy and restores the depleted supply. When one is tired and drained, if one rests, the Etheric body becomes charged, and the individual wakes up feeling totally refreshed.
If any channels of the Etheric Body are blocked or there is poor circulation of chi, the physical will suffer as well as the emotional state of the person. All disease and weakness of immunity comes down to the health and strength of the Etheric Body. Basically we have a body of energy that permeates the physical body, giving it sustenance, health and vitality, without which the physical body could not be alive.
The strengthening and clearing of blockages in the meridian system is extremely important. Vital energy must be allowed to flow through the various channels to be processed in the energy centers, the chakras.
The Etheric Body is the locus of the “subtle anatomy” that forms a central part of Indian and Tibetan Tantra and Chinese Yoga and Medicine. Alternative medicine, whether Chinese, Tibetan, homoeopathic, Reiki, etc. etc. works on the level of the Etheric Body. These practices are “alternative” only relative to Western medical science that has historically treated the physical body exclusively.
Some clairvoyants have produced drawings and paintings that record their perceptions of the Etheric Body.
The images produced by Kirlian photography bear obvious resemblances to these graphics, showing a spiky-looking energy field extending a few inches around the human body as well as other biological specimens.
The fact that Kirlian photography can capture the acupuncture points of the body links the technology with concepts of chi and related ideas and theories, and provides important supporting evidence of the existence of the Etheric Body.
Although conventional medicine has demonstrated an inability to recognize the existence of a more subtle body – the Etheric Body – upon which these therapies do work, with the advent of Depak Chopra and Andrew Weill among others in the contemporary medical establishment, more and more have alternative methods been accepted as viable medical disciplines, and eventually, even Western medicine will treat the Etheric, as well as the physical body.

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