It’s Good Feng Shui to Unclutter Your Life

Anita DaltonWhen I was a little girl, every spring we did deep cleaning and getting rid of junk. We never heard of Feng Shui, my mother just new it had to be done. Energy needs to flow freely and it can’t do that in dirt and chaos. Disorganization can stay hidden in closets, basements and attics until your life becomes a crisis. Problems arise from stagnation. Weakened focus can scatter the mind and cause anxiety and blocks.

Over stuffing robs prosperity. You have to create a vacuum to leave room for new stuff to come in. Think about that stuff your holding on to. Who were you or who were you with when you bought that car, wore those clothes or slept in that bed. You can’t get change if you don’t make space for change. Without change, you stay stuck in those old ideas. Ask yourself if you can’t move forward because you have too much stuff holding you back.

Feng shui. Cycle of creation: fire, ground, metal, water, tree

When you realize that unseen energy or Chi all around you is shifting you all the time, then you can understand why too much stuff can drain your energy. You might not see it but you can feel it. I have a rule. If I haven’t worn it or used it for one year, then it needs to go. I always feel so good when I share my abundance and the universe keeps giving me more.

Getting started is never easy. Use Feng Shui energy to help you . Meditate first and call in a sense of beauty. See the project finished, feel how large and open the space is as you watch the Chi flow easily and effortlessly. Music and fresh air can also help. Start with a section or cupboard at a time. Give 25 minutes for a specific area so you will see results quickly and stay motivated. Next ceremony cleansing with sage or candles will help the energy get flowing. Adding plants, fountains and chimes helps keep the flow.


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