Letter to Anita

Really enjoyed the Octavia video! Hope to hear more from her.
I have had some strange intuitive things happen to me I just want to share since I think only a believer like you can truly appreciate them. A few years ago I decided to do some research on my grandfather’s family in Vermont. I called the Historical Society in Waterbury, Vermont and a very kind woman said I would love to meet with you, I have some photos in the vault of your grandfathers family and would like to share them with you. And, she said, as a matter of fact their old family home is right next door to me so you will get to see that, please meet me at my home. I thought that was a real coincidence, but it got even better.
The night before I left for Vermont I received a phone call from the woman at the Historical Society saying, I think you need to sit down…last night, the owners of your grandfather’s family home were knocking down walls to renovate the kitchen and in the wall found a notebook with your grandfather’s name on it, which is full of old comics and notes, along with a turn of the century girls shoe, and another religious book with his aunt’s name in it. What a coincidence (if it was in fact a coincidence!).
So I drove there with my brother, and as we came off the exit I got this feeling that I had been there before. To the right, in a big empty lot I could picture children playing, and I said to my brother, take a right, it’s over there. And he looked at me like what are you nuts and said how do you know that, and I said I don’t know, I just feel like I’ve been here. So we looked at the directions and that’s where the street was, exactly where I pointed it out. It was as if my grandfather was guiding me there.
We got to see my grandfathers home and the people who owned the home were kind enough to give me the things they found. How they got in the wall I don’t know. I was able to track down descendants of his aunt, who confirmed she was a very religious person and the handwriting in that book matched hers. I gave them the religious book, just felt it belonged with them.
This was the most amazing experience and gave me reassurance that the grandfather I loved so much was still around me, guiding me, and sending me signs since his favorite thing was to share a funny comic from the newspaper with us, and this notebook was full of them! What an amazing experience!!
Here’s a few photos of the notebook that was found in the wall and the girls shoe, which appears pretty worn and mouse-eaten. The heel looks as if it was repaired, or the heel is worn, it looks like it has newer nails in it. My grandfather, Roy Smith, was born in 1896. We’re guessing these items date around 1906-1910. A newspaper found along with this stuff dates to 1914. He went in the Army at age 17 (lied about his age to get in) so we know this is before 1913. He went to grammar school in Stowe, VT which is probably why it notes that on the cover. That’s his writing on the first two lines, his sisters on the third. It says from Sis to Bob, we don’t know why. Bob was a baby brother who passed away when he was only a few months old. His sister apparently put that note on there. Pretty amazing find. The notebook is full of comics cut from a newspaper, which was his favorite hobby, he clipped comics even into old age.
Keep doing what you’re doing! Really look forward to your weekly videos.
Pam Potter
Ansonia, CT

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