Letter to Brayden

Do you ever wonder what life here on earth is really about? Why we are born? Why we are in America instead of struggling in starving in countries like Africa and Afghanistan where there are wars and kids get blown up. When we are your age, we think we know everything or at least a lot. But really we know nothing yet. School doesn’t teach us about real life. We learn from our mistakes. We think we are doing the right thing but then we find out it was a mistake and we hurt people.
Maybe then we decide to do better and sometimes we fail again, but we have to keep trying. Because someday, if we don’t give up we may get it right. We can learn from our parent’s mistakes or sometimes we will make the same mistakes they did. But we have to realize, life is a game. A game we came here to play. If we are smart, we will find out the rules of the game and keep practicing until we get better, just like in a video game.
It’s hard to believe, but we actually pick our parents before we are born so that we can learn a specific lesson in this lifetime. We are not our bodies. We are Spirit beings who came in to use this body to grow and learn. It’s like our space ship here on earth. And sometimes our space ships parts wear out or get broken, just like our cars. Then we die and get a new body. Like Uncle Karl. He said “Mom, I need a new space ship”. Funny thing, Karl’s dad died when he was 49 and Uncle Ed died when he was 49. I think they were all trying to learn the same lesson.
In the old days, when cowboys and Indians lived in the Wild West, they were lucky if they made it to Age 35.  Then again they had no rules. It just depended how crazy they lived their lives. Now, I believe in something called “reincarnation “. What that means is we die and our spirit comes back in a new body to play the game over again and maybe better this time. So in that case, you could say we never die. And sometimes we come back to play in the same family. Like maybe Uncle Karl’s spirit might be born to one of your grandchildren. We just keep coming back and playing the game till we get it right.
I’m old; I have played lots of games in this lifetime. Some good and some not so good. But one thing for sure is I learned a lot. Some of those lessons were pretty tough. But I never gave up and I am still learning. One of the big lessons I learned is that if you help other people get what they want, you get what you want. That’s why my business is so successful, because I help people and give them jobs.
Another lesson I learned was never to judge another person. We don’t know what lessons they came here to learn. This is a really hard one. Especially if they hurt us or someone we love in the process. Like Chris and Mike. But then if it wasn’t for Chris we wouldn’t have Sophia and if it weren’t for Mike we wouldn’t have Ethan and Emmy. If it wasn’t for Paul we wouldn’t have you.  So whatever they did I didn’t like, I forgive them for giving me all of you. We have to look for the good in each situation. There’s an old saying,” Every cloud has a silver lining. “Always look for the silver and the gold. The bad is easy to see, but the silver and gold are harder to find. If you really try you can find something to like in every one.
I have had so many people piss me off in my 70 years. Family, friends, readers, clients. But then I learned the secret. Forgive anyone who has caused you pain, not for them, but for you. You’ll feel a lot better. Forgiving is not forgetting. It’s remembering without anger. It opens up a whole new way of looking at things. You care but not that much. You see the law of “you get what you give “to will take care of them. You won’t have to. It’s called Karma. Look it up on the internet.
Now I want you to say to yourself now. I forgive everyone I think may have harmed me. I am free of judging them, I turn them over to God and I am at peace. Only love and harmony are in me. I have greatness in me and I will be happy and free.
I love you Brayden. You are amazing and smart. God loves you to and God doesn’t make junk.

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