Does New Age Celebrate Easter ?

Pagan Goddess EostaraAs for my self, I celebrate whatever I can. Spring, The Christ, The Resurrection, The Bursting Forth of Blossoms, The Leaves Returning to the trees, The Hopping of Bunnies are all reasons for Celebration. I never let an Easter go by without buying a new Easter Bonnet
Easter is celebrated all over the world as a religious Holiday. You might be surprised that’s its roots can be traced back to Pagan times. The date on which it was celebrated depended on the ecclesiastical approximation of the March Equinox. It was the celebration of the Pagan Goddess Eostara known as the goddess of resurrection and rebirth. Pagan groups of people organized Spring Festivals celebrating the rebirth of nature, return of the land to fertility and the birth of young animals such as chicks and rabbits. This was the origin of the Easter eggs and the ideas of rebirth joined with the idea of resurrection.
300 years after the establishment of the Christian Church, the celebration of The Resurrection began to be intermingled with the practices of Easter. Many churches hold special services. Churches are decorated with Lilies and special candles. Folks decorate Easter Eggs and share candy. Easter Egg Hunts are all part of the fun.
Villages and towns in Italy have sacred dramas depicting episodes of the Easter story. In Greece Easter Sunday is usually calculated differently and rarely falls on the same day we celebrate. The Greeks celebrate with huge feasts of Compretto (lamb) and Agnello (goat).Polish families celebrate with large meals of ham, sausage, and babka. And many children in the U.S., Canada, UK, and Australia think of it as a time to get new clothes and baskets of candy.
Whatever your flavor of ritual and celebration, Easter is a time for new beginnings, letting go of the old and waking up to the new. Here in Sedona, we have families from all over the world coming here to get spiritual renewal and to resurrect their lives to more meaningful existence.

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