Honor your father, you chose him

There is a Jewish concept known as Gilgul, which is better known as reincarnation. Gilgul does not necessarily mean that the soul in its entirety has been reincarnated. Gilgul occurs when the preceding incarnation of that soul has more to accomplish.
Ultimately, a soul can never fail. To succeed a soul will come back as many times as necessary to fill its spiritual mission.
If greatness is your soul’s destiny, then to achieve it, it’s only logical that you have a plan. Souls do not randomly incarnate into this world. Rather souls arrive with specific challenges and goals.
Your parents are a big part of that program. While the reasons for a soul’s choice of parents will vary, it will be very significant. The reasons could be a past life relationship, or simply a conducive environment.
Your parents will actually guarantee your mission to achieve your goal. They may provide positive mentoring. On the other hand they may model for you what you do not wish to become so that you can decide a more positive direction to go. For many it’s a combination of the two. The key is to know that directly or indirectly, your parents create the fire behind your spiritual passion and advancement.
Think about what roles your parents, especially your father, played directly or indirectly in developing your life as you see it now. If you really think about it, you can discover the real reason you chose to come here this time around.
So this Father’s Day, honor that Father you chose. He has giving you the exact information you needed for your journey in this lifetime.
Abraham Hicks and Dr. Wayne Dyer have much to say about why we pick our parents. Cultures from all over the world describe how we choose pre-birth agreements. These include: Africa, India, Tibet, Greece, and Native American people.
Namaste, Anita

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