Mastermind Process used by Anita

The purpose of a Mastermind group is to get like-minded, positive, proactive people together who want support in their lives and want to support other people’s lives using the power of prayer. Rev. Jack Boland developed the following 8-step prayer process.
This is the mastermind format used by Anita.
First get yourself a journal or notebook. Now write five things that you would like to accomplish this week. Write them in past tense like it’s already happening. For example: “I weigh 135”. That’s it. You don’t have to tell the universe how you’re going to do that. Now after you’ve written your requests and your partner has written their request, you are going to read mastermind prayers one through six. You are going to read them out loud to each other in unison. After you have read prayer number six, you will share your five requests. While you’re sharing your requests, your partner is writing your requests in their journal. So when your partner reads their requests you are writing them in your journal.
After you read your request, your partner will say to you:
“Anita, I know that God, the mastermind has heard you and I know that you will experience exactly what you say you choose.”
Now read prayer number seven and eight.
The next time you meet, you will share your wins before continuing with your new request for the next week.
Prayer 1: I Surrender
I admit that, of myself, I am powerless to solve my problems, powerless to improve my life. I desire help.
Prayer 2: I Believe
I come to believe that a power greater than myself – The Master Mind – can change my life.
Prayer 3: I Am Ready to Be Changed
I realize that erroneous self-defeating thinking is the cause of my problems, unhappiness, fears, and failures.
Prayer 4: I Decide to Be Changed
I make a decision to surrender my will and my life to the Master Mind. I am willing to be changed at depth.
Prayer 5: I Forgive
I forgive myself for all mistakes and shortcomings. I also forgive all other persons who may have harmed me.
Prayer 6: I Ask
I make known my specific requests, asking my partners’ full support in knowing the Master Mind is fulfilling my needs.

At this time, each member of the group will make their verbal request using the wording in Step 6. After each request, each member of the group will acknowledge the request and offer a brief prayer. The second person makes their request and the process is repeated until all individuals have made their requests. When all members have verbalized their individual requests and all requests have been acknowledged by each member of the group, then all members of the group repeat the remaining Steps #7 and #8.

Prayer 7: I Give Thanks
I give thanks that the Master Mind is responding to my needs and I assume the same feelings I would have if my requests were fulfilled.
Prayer 8: I Dedicate My Life
I now have a covenant in which it is agreed that the Master Mind is supplying me with an abundance of all things necessary to live a successful and happy life. I dedicate myself to be of maximum service to God and those around me; to live in a manner that sets the highest example for others to follow, and to remain responsive to God’s guidance.
I go forth with a spirit of enthusiasm, excitement, and expectancy.
I am at peace.
Gratitude to Rev. Sherri James:

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