The Nodes of the Moon

The nodes of the moon hold deep meaning to our life’s purpose and provide insight and understanding of our growth. Knowing which sign the nodes of the moon sit on can provide specific information on past life experiences and present life learning goals. We can use this information to guide us in our conscious evolution
What exactly is a lunar node? Well, while the earth circles the sun, the moon orbits the earth. At times the moon appears to be in front or on top of the earth. At times it appears to be behind or under it. The front node is the north node in the back node is the south node. Technically mathematical point, they sit opposite one another on a chart with 180° separation and describe the relationship of the moon relative to the earth and the sun at the time of birth.
Automatically, the north node is the head of the earth, charting new territory in leading the way. This south node lies in our wake in the past, territory that has already been explored.
Astrologically, the nodes are associated with spiritual evolution. The south node represents where we have come from, our strengths, abilities and skills from previous lives. The north node represents where we need to go to evolve in this life.
Together, the north and south signify our personal karmic imbalance. Knowledge of Natal node placement can enable consciousness of life’s lessons, that when learned, will eventually shift us to karmic balance.
The south node represents areas that tend to be well developed and that we fall back on in times of stress. This is our comfort zone. That safe place that we need to leave, in order to grow and have adventures.
Alternately, if we rely on just our south node skills, abilities and ways, we will be stuck in the past and fail to evolve.
So if you’re feeling stuck, it may be worthwhile to look at your south node placement.
If this is sounding like Greek to you, it might be a good idea to seek some help from a good astrologer, or get one of the many books available on this subject.

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