The Chinese, Egyptians, Romans and Native Americans were all known to use Smudge Wands as tools to cleanse their living spaces. The same tools and techniques used by these cultures many years ago remain effective instruments in cleansing our home and work environments today.
Smudge Wands are basically bundles of sage or sage mixed with another herb and tied at one end with string. The user holds the tied off end in their hand while lighting the open end, or wand tip, with a match or lighter. Much like incense, the cleansing properties (smudge) of the sage are released into the air as the wand begins to heat up.
Simple as it may appear, there is a proper way to light a wand and smudge an environment.
1) Place the tip of the wand perpendicular to the ground or floor and light the open end with a lighter. Gently blow on the tip of the sage until it begins to smoke. Continue this process until the wand smokes rather vigorously.
2) Start at the front door of the house and pass the smoking wand over the shape of the door, then start to move directly into the next room following either the ceiling or floor layout. Remember to pass the wand over the shape of each window and door as you continue through each room of the house or work space. In order for the ceremony to be most effective, the Sage Wand should cover every room, door and window. The house will become a bit smoky and it is acceptable to open the doors and windows to let the smoke out.
3) It is wise to carry a plate or large ashtray during the ceremony to catch any hot cinders to avoid damaging the carpets, furniture and floors. An abalone shell serves this purpose and can then be used as a storage place for any half used wand.
This ceremony should be performed whenever you feel you are surrounded by negative or stale energy. These energies may manifest as inconsistent emotional patterns; projects and goals which become delayed or perhaps fall through; continuing restless sleep behavior. After a good smudging, you will notice a calming effect throughout the area being cleansed. In addition, if you are having disturbing dreams, it is recommended that you smudge frequently in the room where the dreams occur.

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