What is a Clairvoyant?

OK, let’s answer the million dollar question. A clairvoyant is someone who receives psychic information visually. You see, there are four main ways to receive intuitive information. Clairvoyant people are those who receive this information visually. Some people call this the third eye or second sight.
You can also receive psychic information by hearing. This is called clairaudience. Another way is clairsentience, which is feeling and sensing. Claircognizant is a gut feeling or knowingness.
Do clairvoyants really have third eye visions?
Not always. It’s really not that dramatic. Sometimes it’s like watching a movie. The images are not always literal. Sometimes they are symbolic. For example, let’s pretend someone is planning to get married. I may not see that person walking down the aisle, but I may see an image of a wedding ring or a church.
Are these events always taking place in the future?
Not necessarily sometimes it’s things happening right now. Although future visions are not totally out of the question. So how do you know if it’s real clairvoyance? Well the visions are often symbolic rather than clear and literal. Someone who is psychic may not necessarily be clairvoyant. Clairvoyant and psychic are not the same thing. So remember there are four different ways psychics receive their information. So, is clairvoyant better than say clairaudience or claircognizant? It doesn’t really matter how the psychic gets their information. Sometimes they are claircognizant and clairvoyant. It’s just a different way to access the information.

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