Free Weekly Horoscope – Jan 4 to Jan 20

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The Center for the New Age is pleased to present
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Jupiter in Scorpio is sextile Pluto in Capricorn on Monday (January 15 – February 14). Jupiter affects our sense of prosperity, our aspirations and hopes, and our expansion into new realms of fulfillment and discovery. Pluto affects world powers and the transformation process of societies, culture and generations. When Jupiter is in the sextile position to Pluto, it powerfully affects and expedites our sense of advancement, giving us the opportunity to expand to great heights and address heavy issues about all kinds of power. This aspect brings opportunity which must be acted upon, and we must be carefu9l not to take on more than we can handle if we are to be effective in fulfilling our aspirations.

New Moon in Capricorn on Tuesday (January 16) is a good time to initiate long term goals and to incorporate a new daily habit that will bring satisfying and long lasting results. This is a time to nurture those long-term goals with the spirit of determination. New Moon in Capricorn urges us to create productivity in our life and to aim for new heights for ourselves despite the mishaps of the past. This is a demarcation period, a time when we often set a precedent in achieving progress that previously appeared very challenging.

Venus enters Aquarius (January 18 – February 10) putting the focus of attraction and adoration on illuminating kinds of knowledge and on brilliant humanitarian causes and exploits. There is an especially strong attraction to all types of invention and to new technologies. Venus in Aquarius is a prime time to perfect and enhance our love of humanity and to break down the barriers of useless and destructive prejudice and stereotyping.

Mercury in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces (January 20 – January 24) brings opportunities for spiritual growth in humanity. This is an opportunistic time to cautiously attempt communication with regard to beliefs and spiritual matters. Prayers, channeling and spells are all effective with Mercury sextile Neptune.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

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Free Weekly Horoscope for your Sign

AriesAries: This is likely to be a week of new beginnings and possibilities as a very dynamic but beautiful new moon highlights your direction and professional life. Be prepared to change course if necessary because something in the astrological configurations suggests you would benefit from letting go of the past and creating a new kind of future. It always helps, of course, when you’re the one in charge of making the change – such as a new job, moving or a change in a relationship – but consider that everything ultimately comes from you. Don’t worry unduly if a situation appears to be out of your control; somewhere in the greater scheme of things, the universe is responding to a part of you that longs for change.

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TaurusTaurus: You might feel as if you’re Alice from Alice in Wonderland, falling deeper into the rabbit hole as the potent New Moon on January 16 invites you to experience more magic and mind-expanding events. This could manifest in your life as travel, adventure, higher education or learning, or connections with foreigners or wise people who can help broaden your horizons and expand your sense of what’s possible. To really benefit from what’s going on in your life, let go of everything you think is true, and consider alternatives. For example, if you’ve always said you are no good at cooking or that you’ve never achieved success as a writer or artist or musician or that you’ve never had enough money to travel the world, get ready to throw all those fusty old beliefs in the garbage because now anything really is possible.

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GeminiGemini: The New Moon in your rebirth zone on January 16 signals progress on your journey of transformation. This is a great week to release something you no longer need, be it emotional, material, or psychological. A cleaning out of some sort is a great use of these transformational energies so whatever you do – clear your clutter from your home or office, decide to lay an old ghost to rest, or clear your body of toxins – the goal to focus on is elimination. As you clear out, you will notice a lightening in your being or the energy around you, which in turn will lead to an increase in your energy level and an improved state of mind.

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CancerCancer: The New Moon in your relationship zone on January 16 invites you to begin again and welcome change in your partnerships. Perhaps one relationship in particular would benefit from a new approach, and this is likely to be a week when you’ll see either a new beginning or an ending. Bear in mind, though, that anything that falls away at this time does so because the time is right. Saturn and Pluto in this zone of your life will make it imperative that you cut the deadwood from your life while working hard to transform or commit to any relationship worth its salt.

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LeoLeo: This week’s beautiful New Moon on January 16 is an auspicious omen for your work and health. This is the point that you can confidently turn over a new leaf in these areas. This could range from a new job, a new working environment, or a new role, to receiving good news about a health matter or feeling inclined to make positive changes to your well-being. Since Venus is aligned with this New Moon, it should feel smooth. Bringing beauty into your service is the key to your well-being and happiness now, whereas taking pleasure in small, everyday tasks will lift your spirits.

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VirgoVirgo: An amazing New Moon in your creative, fun, and frivolity zone on January 16 makes this the perfect week to start a new creative project, conceive an idea, enjoy a hobby or simply commit to having more fun. Ultimately, this Mew Moon suggests that you need more recreation in your life, for we are replenished when we have fun and engage in activities that connect us with our hears. This week’s New Moon that aligns with Venus advises you to follow that which feels authentic, gives you meaning, ignites your soul, makes you laugh, and brings you joy. As you do this, you will begin to recreate yourself, filling your inner well so that you have more to give to the world.

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LibraLibra: A beautiful New Moon in your family zone on January 16 makes this the perfect time for new beginnings in your domestic life. This could be a great time to move or make changes to your existing home. A little feng shui could be just the ticket, since the theme is creating peace, harmony and beauty around you. You might feel inclined to clear out the old energies and remove clutter. Or you could see a new addition to the family or hear news relating to home and family matters. With Venus aligned with this New Moon, “beauty” is the keyword, so whatever changes you make at home, make them beautiful. If your attention is focused more on people, make harmony your goal.

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ScorpioScorpio: Now is the time to change your thinking. You may have been working hard to keep your attitude on the positive side after last week’s pep talk, but now the energies are more favorable for effortlessly improving your outlook and changing your mind for the better. Perhaps you previously couldn’t see a way forward, but under this auspicious New Moon, circumstances will change to support you, or you will see how to change the circumstances. Either way, whatever was getting you down before will appear to melt like a snowflake in your hand. This New Moon is a great omen for taking up a course of study or for getting your message out. Therefore, if you have writing, teaching or speaking skills, now is the time to express them. This could range from telling someone how you feel to sharing knowledge with large numbers of people. Either way, it’s time to use your mind’s power and your knowledge to the best effect.

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SagittariusSagittarius: If your material life has been a source of difficulty in recent times, then you can thank your lucky stars for a glorious New Moon on January 16 which brings good news and positive beginnings to this region of your life. Now is the time to start afresh in some way, whether this means a new approach to money matters or a new job. With Venus on hand, you can be assured that whatever happens this week will have an auspicious glow of hope about it, so worry no more. However, if you want to increase your chances of attracting good things to you, you can work with this New Moon by focusing on your material goals, your hopes and your wishes by either writing them down or creating a visual representation in the form of a collage or a treasure map. Once you have transferred your thoughts and wishes from your head to paper, your unconscious mind will set to work in making them a reality. Just be careful what you wish for!

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CapricornCapricorn: It’s time to fling open the windows to your soul as a glorious New Moon falls in your sign. This is the time to embrace new beginnings; focus on positive changes you can make; create new opportunities; and invite more joy, creativity and pleasure into your life. Your situation may certainly feel intense with six planets in your sign, but there is opportunity in this intensity and your task is to look out for the opportunities and welcome those that feel aligned with your values. There is a certain element of hard work involved (you can’t escape that with Saturn and Pluto in your sign), but it seems that the universe is bestowing you with gifts that, when combined with effort, will ensure rich rewards.

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AquariusAquarius: Although this week’s New Moon on January 16 could initially be uncomfortable by bringing forth eruptions from your unconscious (perhaps in the form of an emotional outburst or letting something slip that might have been better kept quiet), at least things will be more out in the open, which will then pave the way for dialogue and progress. In a way, this New Moon offers the chance to release something that could have been haunting you for some time, and you will have the opportunity to close a door on the past or end a chapter that has been dragging on for some time. Either way, this New Moon will bring a sense of closure that, in turn, will lead to new beginnings in the not too distant future.

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PiscesPisces: The New Moon on January 16 is a wonderful omen for your future, enhanced as it is by the beautiful Venus. This casts a very rosy glow on your life and, in particular, any hopes and dreams you have or any plans you’re currently trying to implement. It also bodes extremely well for new friendships, new groups or in joining (or leaving) an organization. In short, it’s time to focus on change and new opportunities connected to your social life and your hopes for the future. Doing your bit for society is likely to be a theme because you’re probably feeling an increasing need to make changes in the world around you. It certainly looks as though you have a lot to give, but try not to overload yourself or put yourself under too much pressure.

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