Emotional Freedom Technique

It is sometimes called “emotional acupuncture,” but without the needles. You may not have heard of it, and it looks weird. The good news is…..it works!
According to traditional Chinese medicine, energy flows through the body along certain invisible pathways called “meridians.” EFT is a meridian energy therapy. Just like acupuncture, it works directly on the meridian system of the body, but instead of needles, the major meridian points are stimulated by tapping on them or by massaging them lightly while a specific traumatic memory is focused on, in order to alleviate a psychological problem. The theory is that the cause of all pain and illness is a disruption in your body’s energy system.
This is a true mind/body healing technique because it combines the physical effects of meridian treatments with the mental effects of focusing on the pain or problem at the same time. It is a self help protocol, designed for ease of use and anyone can benefit from this discipline without prior knowledge about meridians.
EFT was designed and developed by Gary Craig, a Stanford Engineer who instigated a technique whereby one taps all the meridian points for every problem so by default, one will always tap on the right one. It can be used to address many different situations including stress disorders, fears and severe phobias, sports performance, performance anxiety and addictions to cigarettes, sugar and much, much more.
The theory of EFT is that negative emotions can cause disturbances in the body’s energy field. The fact that you can do the Emotional Freedom Technique on yourself anywhere, everywhere – all it takes is a few minutes and your own hands – makes EFT remarkable in all ways in psychology and self help. Without any training, you really can use EFT to help yourself in moments of doubt and fear, in the daylight hours, in the middle of the night, or when you are on your own.
EFT is not difficult in the least. Simply tap with the fingertips six or seven times on certain key natural comfort points on the body. While tapping, state a truth about how you feel or what is bothering you along with a positive affirmation.
Start by tapping on the karate chop point. Use the tips of all four fingers of the right hand to tap the outside of the left hand between the top of the wrist and the base of the little finger. Use the same pressure you would use if you were tapping on a table to make a drumming sound. If you have long fingernails, use the pads at the end of your fingers to tap.
Next, move to the top of the head and use the fingertips on one or both hands to tap the top of the head. From this point it is a good idea to work down the body making the points easy to remember.
The eyebrow points are located at the beginning of the eyebrow, near the center of the face. Use the index and middle fingers together to tap the two eyebrow points. The side of the eye points are located on the bone at the side of the eye. It’s not so close to the eye that it feels like you’re poking yourself, and so far away that you are tapping at the temple. Using the index and middle fingers together, tap on both sides of the eye points at the same time.
The under the eye points are on the bone located under the eye about even with the pupils. Using the fingertips of the index and middle fingers gently tap this spot under both eyes simultaneously. Now tap under the nose with the index and middle finger of one hand. This spot is roughly midway between the bottom of the nose and the top of the lip.
The chin point is not really on the chin; it is mid-way between the bottom of the lower lip and the chin, in that indentation area. Tap here.
The collarbone spots are located about one inch down and over toward the outside of where a man would tie his tie. Use four fingers together of each hand to tap the collarbone spots. An alternative is to pat both spots at the same time with the flat of one hand with about the same pressure as you would pat a baby’s back to help it burp.
Finally, the under the arm point is located about 4 inches below the armpit. Use four fingers of the right hand to tap under the left arm and then reverse the hands so that you tap on both sides equally.
You may want to return to the top of the head position to help the round of tapping feel complete. Actually, you can end repeated rounds at any point. You can start at the eyebrow or top of the head, but to make the technique most advantageous, include tapping at each of the nine points. Or, if you must, you can leave out points too because the energy system is connected and each point you tap actually resonates throughout the system.
Drugs tend to temporarily help the chemical causes of pain, but they have limited ability to reduce any long term underlying emotional causes. Tapping, on the other hand, collapses these emotional causes and that is why long-term pain relief is often achieved, so why not try tapping for physical pain or any and all of these situations:
Fears & phobias: dental visits, surgery, elevators, needles, flying public speaking, death, physical pain, enclosed spaces, creatures like snakes, mice (yuk) and spiders.
Performance Enhancement: musical performance, athletic performance, public speaking, dance, academic skills, exam taking, job interview, sales, writer’s block, business success.
Weight Loss: dealing with the underlying emotions that affect eating, including sadness, loneliness, depression, boredom, guilt, frustration and discouragement.
EFT is often successful in dealing with addictions or allergies – hay fever, rashes, insect stings, food or milk allergies – but due to their usual complexity of underlying causes, these conditions require persistence.
For major addictions, one might choose to work with an experienced tapping practitioner and in regard to allergies, caution should be employed as some allergic reactions can be life threatening.
Do not quit your doctor’s advice that may put your life at risk.
Tapping can help you rid yourself of behaviors that are not serving you well, replacing these undesirable habits with self-enhancing ones. It can help you transform emotional states that you want to change including anger, hatred and depression. And, meridian tapping can help you feel “pleasantly drowsy” when it is time to sleep. All this can be accomplished by and for yourself. Wouldn’t you agree that EFT is a magical – and free!!! – technique you should be trying as soon as you finish this newsletter?

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